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/ Source: TODAY
By Kate Holland

One of the country's favorite carb-based eateries has just taken things to the next level.

Panera Bread is testing a new, double bread bowl at several Philadelphia locations starting Aug 5., which just happens to National Friendship Day. How sweet. And salty.

Panera double bread bowlPanera

According to a representative for Panera, the innovation is made from one loaf of bread with two carved-out bowls and a whole lot of cheese.

To fill the bowls, customers can mix and match any two signature soups or an order of mac and cheese in the cafe or via delivery, which Panera rolled out nationwide back in May.

The bowl is "ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker," the representative told TODAY Food via email.

Bread lovers are pretty stoked for the release.

Some people are already dreaming up practical uses for the double bread phenomenon.

Others are looking on the bright side.

And some are just super, super excited.

And, of course, others are just giving some appreciation and gratitude to the makers of this beautiful creation.

Panera hopes to expand the double bread bowl's release in coming months (possibly nationwide) depending on the item's success in Philadelphia.

The bowl, which ranges from $12 for two soups to $21 for two mac and cheese servings, will be available through Aug. 31.