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Oreos and toothpaste: Strange pregnancy cravings go gourmet in stunning cookbook

Two bloggers have turned crazy pregnancy cravings (pickles and ice cream, anyone?) into stunning gourmet meals.
/ Source: TODAY

We’ve all heard of strange pregnancy cravings (pickles and ice cream, anyone?), and now two intrepid bloggers have turned them into stunning gourmet meals.

Inspired by a friend’s hankerings, Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues embarked on a mission to find out what other weird cravings have hit expectant moms.

Toothpaste Oreos, one strange pregnancy craving
Oreos and toothpasteJuarez Rodrigues / Eating for Two

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“We already knew some stories, like our friend who was craving Oreos and toothpaste the whole day and would sneak out and eat them in the bathroom at night,” Jacob-Ebbinghaus, an advertising copywriter, told

Medley of Soaps
A medley of soapsJuarez Rodrigues / Eating for Two

To date, they’ve featured 15 dishes on Eating for Two, culling ideas from people they know, but also expectant moms they met during travels to Spain, Iceland and South Africa. They not only brought the combinations to life in their Hamburg, Germany, kitchen and photographed the artfully-plated results—the two actually sampled and rated them.

“We did it for the art and it was pretty terrible,” laughed Rodrigues, an advertising art director by day.

Orange Sushi with Tomato Sauce Glaze, a strange pregnancy craving
Orange sushi with tomato sauce glazeJuarez Rodrigues / Eating for Two

They knew that inedible items, like the soap, would be hard to stomach (it ultimately received a zero star rating because “if we gave it half a star, every other dish would be five stars”), but there were food combinations that actually tasted worse — oranges with ketchup, for example.

“It’s one of those things that you don’t think tastes as bad as it does," said Rodrigues. "Orange is nice and tomato is nice, but that combination together is awful."

Still, moms-to-be have been able to relate and dozens have already sent in examples of their crazy cravings through the Eating for Two website.

Mashed Potato with Caramel Sauce, a strange pregnancy craving
Mashed potatoes with caramel sauceJuarez Rodrigues / Eating for Two

As for the Oreos and toothpaste? Rodrigues thought it was surprisingly tasty.

“Mint and chocolate kind of go well together.”