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Oreo's new mystery flavor is here! Here's what it tastes like

Want to win $50,000? Just guess the flavor correctly.
/ Source: TODAY

With dozens of different Oreo flavors currently available on store shelves, one might think Nabisco — the maker of milk's favorite cookie — would have run out of ideas by now.

But they definitely haven't. This fall, the brand is back with a totally new mystery flavor, and if you guess what it is, you may be able to win some serious dough.

This week, TODAY got a taste of the new treat and while the flavor was pretty divisive, many people had a similar guess as to what it might be.

The new cookies, which hit store shelves nationwide on Sept. 16, look like regular Oreos with dark chocolate cookies sandwiching a white creme filling. But instead of the usual vanilla, this cream has a distinctively spicy flavor.

“Ready your mind and prepare your taste buds because the Mystery OREO could be anything, from a combination of two current Oreo flavors to an entirely new flavor,” the company said in a statement to TODAY.

One person who guesses the exact flavor correctly will win $50,000.

If you can’t identify the flavor by taste alone, Oreo will be dropping “helpful hints” to point you in the right direction. The company is releasing three different versions of the mystery packs, each containing a different clue. They will also reveal an additional clue every Monday on Oreo's Facebook page.

At TODAY, the reviews of the new cookie were very, very mixed.

"I really, really like this!" said one taster.

"The cream tastes like chemicals and I usually love Oreo creme," said another slightly disappointed taster.

"I never had an Oreo I didn’t like — until now," said yet another taster.

Many found the cookie too sweet to finish the whole thing, while others dove into the package for seconds. What most people did agree on was the strong cinnamon flavor, which wafts out from the package as soon as it's opened. Many people guessed graham crackers, speculoos (cookie butter), gingerbread, Teddy Graham cookies and even s'mores as the flavor inspiration behind the cookie.

But, of course, we won't know the exact flavor until later this fall.

This isn’t the first time Oreo has launched a mystery flavor. They first did it back in 2017, releasing what turned out to be a Fruity Pebbles cereal flavor. The reviews of that cookie were pretty divisive, too.

“They were awful me and my dude had 1 cookie each and we both took one bite and couldn't finish it,” one person said.

“Hm. I thought it was orange-scented industrial cleaner,” another said.

This year, anyone who thinks they’ve cracked the cookie case has until Nov. 10 to submit their best guess for a chance to win the cash prize.