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Oreo revealed its mystery cookie flavor — and it honestly shocked us

One person who guessed the correct flavor won $50,000.
/ Source: TODAY

Oreo's cookie conundrum has been solved!

The classic sandwich cookie company announced back in September that it was releasing a mystery flavor of its beloved snacks, and left fans to figure out what the new additions to the Oreo line tasted like. Plus, one lucky guesser would win $50,000!

Well, now the truth can be told: that sweet cinnamon taste was of ... churro flavor!

"Case closed!" Oreo wrote on its Instagram Monday. "The #MysteryOREO is Churro flavored creme. Nice work, super-sleuths... We have notified the winner directly. More details at"

On the website, Oreo alerted the public that "The winner of the Mystery OREO sweepstakes has been notified directly."

Vanilla Bean Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Back in September, when the cookies were first released, TODAY viewers weighed in on the taste:

"The cream tastes like chemicals and I usually love Oreo creme," said one disappointed taster.

"I never had an Oreo I didn't like — until now," said another.

For some, the cookie was too sweet, but others couldn't stop snacking. Everyone recognized a strong cinnamon flavor, and some were guessing graham crackers, speculoos (cookie butter), gingerbread, Teddy Graham cookies and even s'mores as the inspiration behind the taste.

But churro wasn't one many people suspected.

Back in 2017, Oreo released a different mystery flavor that turned out to be a Fruity Pebbles cereal flavor, and the reaction was mixed then, too.

"I thought it was orange-scented industrial cleaner," quipped one snacker.

The real mystery is how to please everyone, but with all of its varied flavor sensations, Oreo is clearly still on the case.