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/ Source: TODAY
By Julia Curley and Erica Chayes Wida

The latest of Oreo's wacky cookie creations is a creme-lovers dream come true.

Back in October, Mondelez (Oreo's parent company) confirmed to TODAY Food that it would be releasing a treat dubbed The Most Stuf — a cookie with three times the filling of a traditional Oreo.

This week, packs of the new product were finally spotted on store shelves and the cookies inside look pretty monstrous.


However, they haven't been released nationwide just yet.

The Instagram account Cravings Hunter said they snagged a $3 pack of Most Stuf cookies from a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Long Island, New York.

Munchie Bunchie, a Los Angeles-based source for snack food news, also indulged in Most Stuf Oreos, and posted that they were tapped out after eating only a couple of the vanilla creme-filled treats.

Munchie Bunchie's creator told TODAY that they spotted Most Stuf Oreos at a Target in West Hollywood, California, and at a Rite Aid in Beverly Hills.

Another Instagrammer, Snackstalker, posted that they checked seven or eight East Coast Rite Aids before finally finding the Most Stufs on shelves.

Mondelez has yet to announce when the cookies will be available in grocery stores nationwide.

Last fall, the popular Instagram food account TheJunkFoodAisle posted a now viral photo with a stack of what they claimed were two Most Stuf Oreos.

The alleged “actual product photo” posted in early October 2018 launched a whirlwind of emotions from snack-loving fans everywhere.

While some cookie eaters claim that the original Oreo has the perfect ratio of crunchy cookie to creamy creme, others counter that less is certainly not always more when it comes to the perfect bite.


A giant stuffed cookie may seem pretty over-the-top, but it's right on par with some of the company's latest confections.

In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday, Oreo offered up a limited-edition cookie with birthday cake-flavored creme. Previous limited-edition flavors have included the Easter-themed Peeps Oreos, and they've also released flavors like Strawberry Shortcake, Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet.

Despite Oreo's tasty flavor history, the Most Stuf is definitely taking the classic cookie to new heights ... and widths.