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Oreo is launching 4 new cookie flavors for the summer — and bringing back S'mores

Oreo announced there will be four new flavors hitting shelves throughout the summer, along with one returning favorite.
/ Source: TODAY

The makers of Oreo love to remain pretty secretive about their wacky new cookie releases. But, finally, after weeks of rumors swirling, those with a craving for cookies can finally mark their calendars for the brand's summer flavors.

The cookie company announced that five different cookies (yes, five!) will be rolling out in grocery stores across the county over the next few months, Delish first reported.

While none of them are as wacky as, say, those famous Swedish Fish Oreos, fans of the sandwich cookie won't be disappointed since there are a lot of unique flavors coming down the pipeline.

Only one question remains, do you twist your sandwich cookie or just dunk it in milk right away?

May: S'Mores

S'mores Oreo's will return to shelves in May for a limited time.Nabisco

S'mores are no doubt a summer staple and they just happen to be a returning, limited-edition flavor for the folks at Oreo. The marshmallow- and chocolate-flavored frostings will be sandwiched between a graham-cracker cookie, because sometimes people just need a campfire experience without the campfire.

June: Latte Thins

For those who adore a thinner Oreo (and a cup of Joe), Latte Thins are here on a permanent basis.Nabisco

Hopefully baristas can whip up a picture of an Oreo on your latte, because there's going to be a lot of dunking going on come June. These dainty Oreo Thins will be filled with a java-flavored cream. The best part? This cookie is sticking around for awhile.

Mid-June: Marshmallow Moon

We're over the moon for these Marshmallow Moon limited-edition Oreo cookies.Nabisco

50 years ago this July marks Apollo 11's historic landing on the moon. To celebrate, Oreo will release a limited-edition cookie with pale purple frosting. The packaging designs (which will come in three variations including an astronaut floating in space, a rocket ship blasting off and a crescent moon with stars) glow in the dark, which is pretty out-of-this world. But what does the moon actually taste like? Marshmallows, of course!

July: Mint Chocolate Chip

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... Oreo!Nabisco

For this glorious ice cream-and-cookie fusion, Oreo partnered with Baskin Robbins. Though the cookie company has previously releases a cookie with mint flavored creme, this one has a speckled surprise. The crunchy chocolate cookie will surround mint creme with sprinkles of chocolate chips inside.

August: Maple Creme

Fall in love with the last Oreo flavor of the summer.Nabisco

By the time August rolls around, folks are usually tiring of the summer heat and craving cooler weather. While August might not quite be pumpkin spice season, Oreo is bringing a taste of fall to those missing crunchy leaves with its new Maple Creme cookie, which features syrup-flavored creme sandwiched between golden Oreo cookies.

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