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Oreo just released a creme-filled egg and it looks incredible

Oreo has taken a nod from Cadbury with its latest treat.
/ Source: TODAY

When people think of Oreos, they usually picture sandwich cookies. But the brand's latest treat closely resembles a candy that's pretty popular in the springtime.

Not to be confused with Cadbury eggs, Oreo's Chocolate Candy Ornaments are here just in time for the holidays. These creme-filled eggs look remarkably similar to Cadbury's signature treat, but instead of being stuffed with a sweet filling that resembles a runny egg, these chocolate spheres are filled with Oreo’s classic vanilla creme that's been speckled with little bits of crunchy chocolate cookies.

This isn't the first time an Oreo-themed, creme-filled egg has been unleashed on the world.

Cadbury actually makes an Oreo creme egg that's released around Easter, but they've only been available throughout the U.K. and Canada in previous years.

But now that the creamy treat is available just in time for the holidays, Oreo fans are pretty stoked.

Of course, not everyone is super excited.

Thenew chocolate Oreo ornaments are available right now at Walmart and retail for $3.48, with five eggs per pack. A representative for Oreo was not immediately able confirm if the treat would be available at other stores later this season.

This isn't the first time that Oreo has shaken up its classic concept, from mystery flavors to a cookie house kit, so we can't wait to see what the brand cooks up next.