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Oreo-flavored lip balm is here to make your day sweeter

Who wouldn't want that taste on their lips 24 hours a day?
snackbetch/ Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

If you can't get enough of milk's favorite cookie, this Oreo-flavored lip balm might help satisfy your sweet tooth!

The product first made waves after being shared on Instagram by @snackbetch, an account devoted to sharing the newest snack and candy product developments.

According to the post, the lip balm was found at It'Sugar, a candy store with more than one hundred locations in the United States. The product is also available online — though it's already sold out on Amazon!

The adorable balm looks just like the classic sandwich cookie, complete with a twistable lid.

"At first glance, you'd think this lip balm was an actual cookie! Our design team is happy to bring you this fun cosmetic Oreo cookie lip balm," reads the Amazon description for the balm. "Let's be honest, who doesn't love that delicious Oreo flavor?"

But, despite its official licensing, the lip balm isn't actually sold by the Oreo brand or its parent company, Nabisco. It was developed and marketed by Taste Beauty, a cosmetics company that aims to "bridge the gap between fun and cosmetics!"

This isn't the first time Taste Beauty has created a lip balm inspired by the sweet treat. In March 2019, Oreo and Taste Beauty collaborated to create an Oreo lip balm that "smells and tastes just like your favorite cookie."

On Instagram, Taste Beauty called the balm a "new way to twist, lick, and dunk."

Instead of an Oreo-shaped container, it features more traditional packaging and a printed sleeve with an Oreo pattern. Originally, the "Stuf Lip Balm" was only available through a contest, but now it can be purchased online for less than $2.

No matter which option you choose, your lips will be soft, moisturized and taste just like your favorite cookie!

Suddenly, our lips just got chapped.