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We tried Oreo-flavored candy canes ... and they don't taste like Oreos

If you're not really a fan of peppermint but love a good candy cane-shaped treat, try these chocolate candy canes.
/ Source: TODAY

There's no shortage of wacky Oreo flavors on the market. But maybe the snack giant is out of cookie flavors (for now) because they're moving into the candy cane market this holiday season.

Not to be confused with candy-cane flavored Oreo cookies (yes, those exist), these are actual striped candy canes, that supposedly taste like the cookies and cream flavor of an original cookie.

In the name of research, I broke with my pre-Thanksgiving detox to give them a try.

Hate peppermint? Oreo-flavored candy canes are here to save the 2017 holiday season.Amazon

The black and white-striped pattern of the candy canes gives an almost Halloween-looking appearance to what is supposed to be a holiday treat.

Verdict? They are good, but they don't really taste like Oreos. Upon first lick, the taste is more reminiscent of Tootsie rolls and then, once that wears off, there are hints of chocolate wafer, followed by a slightly creamy taste.

As a serious journalist, I also tried the candy canes alongside an actual Oreo cookie and Tootsie Roll, stolen from my kid's Halloween bucket, just to verify the findings, which I stand by.

If you're into exotic candy cane flavors — or just hate peppermint — they're worth a try. Plus, with their graphic black-and-white stripe, they're also a more chic alternative to the traditional pink-and-red ones, too, if you're into using them for decorating.

Made by the 111-year-old Spangler company out of Ohio, the limited-edition candy canes are starting to roll out in supermarkets and drug stores this month and retail for about $3 a box. They were announced earlier this summer, but so far, they've been tricky to find (we nabbed them on Amazon).

Other trending candy-cane flavors this year include the ever-enduring pickle and bacon. But as far as novelty flavors go, we think we'll stick with the Oreo (or my personal favorite: blueberry).