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Oreo is coming out with a 'Brookie' flavor with brownie and cookie dough fillings

This limited-edition Oreo has three types of fillings total.
Yes, that means cookie dough filling sandwiched between cookies.
Yes, that means cookie dough filling sandwiched between cookies.TODAY Illustration / OREO
/ Source: TODAY

Oreo can always be counted on to keep things interesting, often rolling out fun new flavors as well as various limited-edition seasonal offerings, from java chip to an glamorous Lady Gaga collaboration — but its latest innovation has us triply excited because it has three (3!) types of fillings.

The "Brookie-O" Oreos are a new, limited-edition snack that is essentially half cookie and half brownie, Oreo confirmed to TODAY Food. The Brookie-O will feature triple-layered creme of brownie, original Oreo stuf and cookie dough flavors. What's not to love?

Brookies, aka cookie brownies, have been around for some time now, but this is the first time Oreo has decided to embrace the trend. Because who wouldn't want two types of dessert at once?

The news of this scintillating new flavor was first leaked by the Instagram @JunkFoodLeaks_ on Wednesday, who referred to the Brookie-O as “one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup,” and then goes on to report, “The brownie is great, your traditional Oreo icing is great and the cookie dough shines.” Sounds like a winning combo.

Brookie-O Oreos will be available in January 2021 nationwide wherever Oreos are sold, providing yet another reason to be glad this year is coming to an end.

Oreo has been very busy this year, announcing cookie launches ranging from an exciting new gluten-free variety to holiday-themed gingerbread cookies.