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Want to improve your chances of landing a 2nd date? Order these foods

A new survey by a dating app Hinge suggests what you order may help you land a second date.
/ Source: TODAY

Here’s a way to ensure a first date is finger-licking good: Order fried chicken at dinner.

That’s apparently the best meal to pick in order to help ensure you land a second date, according to a new survey released by the dating app Hinge.

Fried chicken, bloody Mary
What to order on that first date to make a second one more likely? A new survey suggests a plate of fried chicken, washed down with a bloody mary!Shutterstock

In general, the survey revealed, the idea most likely to lead to a coveted first date is the suggestion of grabbing some drinks. And if you do go out, it appears that ordering a bloody mary will increase chances of getting another date by 50 percent. (An Old-Fashioned decreases that chance to 35 percent, and a beer to 27 percent — though the survey doesn't distinguish between causation and correlation.)

If you’re inclined to go out for a meal on your date, however, ordering fried chicken had the highest success rate — 24 percent — for landing a follow-up meeting. Of course, keep in mind that ordering a vegan dish came in a close second at 23 percent.

The Hinge survey polled 8,000 of its members in five U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington. The survey asked about first-date experiences — specifically, what did and didn’t lead to second ones.


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