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Oprah just shared the recipe for her favorite low-sugar cocktail

It's a tropical getaway in a glass!
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/ Source: TODAY

Craving a cocktail that's not super sweet and delightfully tart? As usual, Oprah Winfrey is here to save the day.

When Oprah's entertaining during the summer, she likes to kick off the party with one of her go-to cocktails called "Maui in December." Don't let the drink's name fool you because it can definitely be served any time of year.

With mint, vodka and ginger, this refreshing libation is similar to TODAY anchor Hoda Kotb's favorite drink: a vodka mojito.

The best part? Despite its truly tropical flavor, Oprah's favorite summer sipper has no added sweeteners or artificial sugar — just the natural nectar of fresh pineapple juice.

The drink uses fresh ingredients like pineapple, which she grills along with lemongrass for a naturally smoky flavor. Then those ingredients, along with fresh mint, are infused into vodka to make a truly fragrant liquor base.

To assemble the drink, Oprah adds muddled ginger, chamomile tea and some fresh lemon juice, all shaken together with ice then served straight up.

"It’s part zesty (from lemongrass and ginger), part fruity (from pineapple-infused vodka; yes, I’m a tequila fan, but vodka comes a close second), and one-hundred-percent refreshing," Oprah said in the July issue of Oprah Magazine. "Sipping it surrounded by people I love, just as the sun is going down —that’s my definition of happy hour!"

4-Ingredient Skinny Margarita

But for those who are partial to tequila and don't want anything with artificial sweeteners or lots of added sugar, there's always Jennifer Anniston's ultimate warm weather drink: a skinny margarita.

The actress, who also loves tequila, doesn't use any agave in her signature recipe. Plus, fake mixers are definitely out. Aniston simply mixes up silver tequila, plenty of fresh lime juice and a little Cointreau served over ice.

And while margaritas, mojitos and tropical martinis certainly scream "summer," don't rule out darker-hued liquors when it comes to mixing up a crowd-pleasing drink for any festive occasion.

Ina Garten's most-loved libation is a fresh whiskey sour and, let's face it, it's always a wise move to take a page from the Barefoot Contessa's book when it comes to entertaining.