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Warm up with 3 wonderful winter one-pot stews

These dishes improve over time so make extras and freeze for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner.
/ Source: TODAY

Kanchan Koya PhD, author and founder of Spice Spice Baby, is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a few of her favorite wintery recipes that showcase the flavor of fresh spices. She shows us how to make beef and vegetable stew with cinnamon, fish stew with peppers and stewed chickpeas with spinach.

Beef, vegetables and aromatics are stewed in red wine and served over lightly buttered pasta. What's not to love about that? The richness of the stew without butter or cream keeps this dish firmly on the healthier side of the aisle. For an even lighter option, serve the stew as is or enjoy with a lentil or chickpea-based pasta.

This dish, inspired by the Brazilian fish stew called moqueca, is the ultimate comfort food. The creaminess of the coconut milk, the vibrant spices (that don't necessarily have to be hot or spicy) and the tangy tomato hits all the flavor notes on a cold wintry day. The protein from the fish and the fiber from the vegetables are satiating and satisfying. This is a classic example of a healthy recipe that tastes decadent. Serve it with plain rice or turmeric scented cauliflower rice for a lower-carb option.

Sumac-Dusted Chana Masala

Chickpeas and other legumes are packed with fiber and plant-based protein and therefore deeply satisfying and healthy. In fact, their regular consumption is associated with enhanced health and longevity! The spices in this recipe are not just belly-warming and flavor-enhancing but also help the digestibility of the legumes, which can be challenging for some. This dish improves over time so make extras and freeze for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner.

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