One man's beard is another man's...bowl?

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Ramen Beard Bowl

Ramen: After many long years as the lowly food of choice for college students, people on the go, and anyone interested in a meal that costs pennies, the Japanese obsession is finally getting its due in America as one of the most awesomely delicious ways to stuff your face. New York City, L.A., and just about every big city in between is now crawling with serious ramen bars claiming to serve the most authentic version of the Tokyo staple—not to mention some decidedly weird spinoffs. For the dorm-room crowd, there are even cookbooks dedicated to finding ways to spice up that $0.33 package of noodles and flavoring. 

For one man however, the art of eating ramen has nothing to do with preparation, authenticity, or what have you. For this guy, it's all about the presentation:

Now for the waterfall of questions this video provokes:



"Won't he be eating a lot of beard hair?"

"No seriously, how?"

"What is that sriracha going to do to his beard?"

"Did he use a strainer or is his beard the strainer?"

"What has happened to the human race?"

"Can someone just please explain how, already?"

We're not ones to judge (ok, except in extreme cases), but we've got to wonder where the inspiration for this came from. As strange as it is, we have to admit we're kind of impressed. It's one of those things you just can't look away from—as much as you might want to....

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.