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Olive Garden's new giant meatball is honestly terrifying

The Italian restaurant chain just super-sized a few of its most popular dishes.
Giant dishes at Olive Garden
Olive Garden
/ Source: TODAY

Avoiding carbs this year? Then look away now.

Olive Garden just took super-sizing food to new heights — and lengths — with four new menu items that feature gargantuan portions of some of the chain's most popular dishes.

Among them is a giant meatball that weighs 12 ounces — that's 3/4 of a pound, or basically the equivalent weight of two baseballs.

Giant dishes at Olive Garden
This chicken parm is the length of a footlong sub!BurkleHagen Photography / Olive Garden

During the chain's "Giant Italian Classics" promotion, which begins April 1 (could this possibly be an April Fool's joke?), diners will be able to enjoy — and hopefully share — larger-than-life takes on four dishes:

  • Giant Meatball with Spaghetti
  • Giant Chicken Parmigiana
  • Giant Four-Cheese Stuffed Shells
  • Giant Stuffed Shells with Shrimp

The Giant Chicken Parmigiana also comes with a hefty portion of fettuccini Alfredo ... just in case there weren't already enough calories.

Giant dishes at Olive Garden
BurkleHagen Photography / Olive Garden

On Thursday, the company teased the new releases on Facebook:

The new giant dishes will be available through May 27 and they start at $12.99. Of course, they also come with unlimited breadsticks, one homemade soup or salad — which we all now know makes Jimmy Fallon very happy!

Olive Garden fanatics have been waiting for this moment for a long time:

But how many calories comes in just one of these super-sized meals? A lot.

Olive Garden told TODAY Food via email that they will release the official data on April 1. In the meantime, here's the calorie count of the regular sized portions of similar dishes that already exist on the menu:

  • Chicken Parmigiana - 1060 calories
  • 1 Meatball - 160 calories
  • Fettuccini Alfredo - 1010 calories

If you're looking to carbo-load for a few weeks, Olive Garden's popular Never Ending Pasta Pass grants pasta lovers a way to indulge 'til they pop or drop, but it only comes around once a year. Pass holders gain access to unlimited servings of all pasta combinations, sauces and toppings for $100. Look for the next promotion later this summer.

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