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'Worth melting for': We tried the viral Olaf hot chocolate bomb from Disney

The hot chocolate bombs typically sell out within 45 minutes at Disney Springs.
The Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise went viral on Disney Parks' TikTok and sells out daily at Disney Springs.
The Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise went viral on Disney Parks' TikTok and sells out daily at Disney Springs.Terri Peters / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

In the film "Frozen," Olaf famously says, "Some people are worth melting for."

We hope the lovable snowman really meant it.

On Dec. 5, Disney Parks posted a TikTok of its Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise, a giant hot chocolate bomb in the shape of the snowman, made daily at Disney Springs' chocolate shop The Ganachery — and the sweet treat went viral.

Nearly 20 million people have viewed the video, where an employee at The Ganachery walks viewers through the molding, making and melting of the adorable Olaf-shaped treat.

"Frozen" fans have been lining up daily at The Ganachery to get the hot chocolate bombs, which typically sell out within 45 minutes of the store opening.

Amanda Lauder, a chef chocolatier at the Walt Disney World shopping destination, told TODAY Food that, by the end of the week, employees at the shop will have made about 1,000 chocolate, caramel hot chocolate-filled Olafs. At present, the shop only has 75 Olaf molds, so until more are acquired, only a limited amount of the treats are available each day.

My Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise, unboxed and ready to be melted into hot chocolate.Terri Peters/TODAY

Living close to Walt Disney World myself, I had the opportunity to try one of the tasty hot chocolate bombs, and Olaf is as cute in real life as he looks in his viral video.

The Olaf Hot Chocolate Surprise is transported in a golden Ganachery carrying case and comes with a bag of snowflake marshmallows. The instructions on the box seemed easy enough: Heat milk and cream in a saucepan and, when the liquid is simmering, use tongs to place Olaf in the hot liquid until he melts away, leaving behind a caramel hot chocolate mix.

Some Olafs are worth melting … into hot chocolate.Terri Peters/TODAY

Lauder said each Olaf is made by hand, as are his flurries of marshmallows.

"Once the custom-made molds are casted and finished, Olaf gets filled with our custom house-made hot cocoa blend," said Lauder. "It has small pieces of our dark 65% custom blended dark chocolate and our popular caramel chocolate mixed into it to create that delicious cup of cocoa."

When Olaf melts, you're left with enough delicious caramel hot chocolate to fill two large mugs.Terri Peters/TODAY

"The vanilla bean marshmallows are also made each day," Lauder continued. "They're cut into the snowflake shapes and packaged in the shop to go along with Olaf for that perfect cup of hot cocoa."

I'll admit I felt sad melting Olaf down into a chocolaty liquid. He was just so cute, and as a "Frozen" fan, I said a prayer to Queens Elsa and Anna that I would be forgiven for my transgression.

Olaf soup? Hot cocoa? Either way, it's delicious.Terri Peters/TODAY

That said, the hot cocoa is delicious. Caramel, chocolate and the fluffiest marshmallows I've ever tasted all combine to make a swoon-worthy winter treat. To further appease the kingdom of Arendelle, I served Olaf in my family's handed-down china tea cups.

The Ganachery hopes to get more Olaf molds soon so more than 75 hot chocolate bombs can be created daily. And, unfortunately, Disney said there's no plans in the future to ship the tasty treats, due to their delicate nature.

There's nothing like a delicious cup of melted snowman in the morning.Terri Peters/TODAY

According to Lauder, the best way to get your mittens on an Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise is to line up at The Ganachery at Disney Springs before 10 a.m. to ensure you're one of the first 75 customers.

If you aren't planning a Walt Disney World trip this winter but know someone who is, Lauder has some tips for having one shipped to you.

"Wrap each Olaf up in some plastic wrap nice and tight," she said. "Place him back into the gold box he came in and add some tissue paper or bubble wrap to any open spaces. Then pack Olaf into a cold shipping box with an ice pack. I personally shipped two Olafs to New Jersey and they made it safe and sound."

The Olaf Hot Cocoa Surprise sells for $14 at The Ganachery.