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Oatly is releasing 7 new ice cream flavors — and one of them is oat

The wildly popular oat milk brand is bringing a sweet new offering to grocery stores across the country this year.

Calling all oat milk lovers! The wildly popular oat milk brand Oatly has just announced that it's rolling out a new line of ice creams made with its signature dairy-free beverage.

Oat milk has taken dairy aisles across the country by storm. Last year, Oatly was in such high demand that it was sold out in many cities across the country. Applauded by fans for its dairy-like creaminess and slightly nutty taste, oat milk has now become a fixture in mainstream grocery stores — when it's not in short supply.

Now, people who are allergic to both dairy and nuts will have a new way to enjoy something cool and creamy as the weather heats up.

Oatly Frozen Vanilla
Oatly Frozen VanillaOatly

Oatly, which was one of the first oat milks on American store shelves, first hit the market in 2016. The $16 billion dairy-alternative industry is a pretty crowded field, but Oatly has been celebrated as a great milk choice for those who can't drink almond or other nut milks. It does, however, have a much higher carb count than other non-dairy beverages.

Hailing from Sweden, the brand produces other alt-dairy items such as yogurt and cream, but those are not currently available in the U.S.

Earlier this month , Oatly released seven new flavors of ice cream, all of which can be taste-tested in Southern California on Oatly Frozen’s "pre-release tour": a roaming ice cream truck that be can be found by calling the company's hotline at (310) 818-3898. The truck has been setting up shop at one location per day, serving up scoops until there's nothing left.

The ice cream line features a flavor every tastebud: there's chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, mint chip, chocolate chip and — for the true oat fans — oat.

Just like their oat milk counterparts, Oatly Frozen products are dairy free, gluten free, soy free and contain no genetically modified ingredients. The entire line is also certified vegan and kosher. Each pint will set you back $5.99, which is on par with other non-dairy ice creams like So Delicious or Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy.

Compared to a 1/2-cup serving of regular Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Oatly Frozen has fewer calories and fewer grams of sugar. A serving of Oatly (2/3 cup) has between 200 to 260 calories, between 10-16 grams of fat, with about 20 grams of sugar, a representative for the brand told TODAY Food. A 1/2 cup serving of vanilla Häagen-Dazs has 270 calories, 17 grams of fat and 25 grams of sugar.

Oat milk lovers all over Twitter are already begging for Oatly Frozen to come to their hometown.

Oatly ice creams won’t be hitting freezer aisles in other parts of the country until later this summer, but the truck will be roaming throughout SoCal for the next few weeks.

For any non-dairy ice cream aficionados who live on the East Coast, pints of Oatly Frozen will be heading to Wegmans stores later this summer. Select Whole Foods retailers will start carrying the pints this fall.