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Nutella is seeking 60 paid taste testers — but not just anyone can apply

Looking for a tasty new career?
/ Source: TODAY

Lovers of Nutella would love nothing more than to eat it all day, every day. Now, fans of the chocolate-hazelnut spread have the chance to do just that ... and get paid for it!

The Ferrero Company, which makes Nutella, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and other sweet treats, just posted a dream job for any true chocolate lover.

The famed Italian chocolatier is currently seeking 60 new "sensory judges” — a fancy term for taste tester — that might just have you jetting off to Italy for endless amounts of cocoa-infused treats.

Although the job post didn't specify an age range for applicants, your Nutella-loving preschooler should probably stay in school.Alamy Stock Photo

Soremartec Italia, Ferrero's research and development branch located in Alba, Italy, continuously “creates and tests new products” through “sensory evaluation,” according to the company’s mission statement. Now, they just need a little more help getting the job done from non-professionals.

According to the job listing, the position involves tasting ingredients, including various types of cocoa and hazelnuts, mixed in the mouthwatering nut butter.

Ferrero seeks an "average consumer-type" — including individuals open to learning more about the nutty world of chocolate spreads — and applicants need no prior experience in the culinary industry.

Of course, there are a couple caveats. The ideal applicant should be able to communicate well in Italian ... and apply in the language, too. Also, the chocolatier only wants applicants that have no known food allergies (which affect millions of Americans), be comfortable using a computer and be ready, willing and able to relocate to Italy.

The “sensory judges” will work at the company’s headquarters in Alba, which is located in Italy’s northwest Piedmont region and is perhaps best known for its white truffles (the savory kind found by specially trained pigs), fine wines, cheeses and Roman art.

Plenty of people are already freaking out about the potential opportunity.

According to Italian news agency The Local, this job posting represents Ferrero’s first ever position for "non-professional” taste testers. The role of “sensory judge” was formerly entrusted to experienced, internal employees only.

Those 60 selected applicants will join the taste-test force for a paid training course scheduled to start in September. The training, which will last three months, is designed to sharpen each recruits' sense of taste and smell, and will educate them on the appropriate vocabulary to express each distinctly flavorful experience.

Nutella-Swirl Scones

At the end of the course, candidates deemed suitable for extended work will receive a long-term contract with a part-time commitment of two days a week for two hours. Approximately 40 truly tortured testers will then join two separate tasting panels.

This job certainly gives new meaning to the saying "go with your gut." All interested parties should send a resume and cover letter to, specifying “ALB01” in the subject line.