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Nudie foodies! Bloggers exposed for a good cause

Blogger Greg Henry of SippitySup (, posing for a good cause in the new cookbook "Nudie Foodies."
Blogger Greg Henry of SippitySup (, posing for a good cause in the new cookbook "Nudie Foodies."Greg Henry / Today

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By Keith Wagstaff

It's not often we get a look at food bloggers in the flesh, let alone with this much flesh showing.

Linda Miller Nicholson, of Salty Seattle, thinks food bloggers are sexy enough to be featured sans clothing in a new cookbook out today called "Nudie Foodies," which raises money for Japanese tsunami victims. After initially donating money to the cause, Nicholson still wanted to do more for the people of Japan.

“I racked my brain for an idea that would really get people’s attention, but one that would still be in the realm of food and writing, my two passions,” she said. “I figured it would be better to stick with my strengths but I needed to up the pizzazz factor. That’s where the nude factor came in. Initially my idea was to do a calendar of people covered in their favorite foods, kind of like Calendar Girls, but it grew into a book because I wanted there to be actual usable content that would keep readers engaged beyond just a first glance at the photos.”

She eventually picked 18 participants from the hordes of people who responded to her initial call for models on Twitter. You can buy the cookbook for $26.95, with all profits going to the AmeriCares tsunami relief fund. The pictures, featuring the people behind such popular blogs as Foodie Mayhem and The Hungry Rabbit, range from sexy to funny and are all accompanied by a recipe.

Even though Nudie Foodies started as a way to help Japan, Nicholson is seeing it do good in other ways.

“This project has helped a lot of people to see beauty in themselves from a cheeky, humorous perspective, and for me, that is the real message.”