Not just for canning any more: Mason jars are great for meals on the go

Mason jars aren't just for food storage any more: The retro-style glass container is the perfect vessel for portable, healthy meals on the go. Try it out for yourself with these recipes for breakfasts, salads and more! Besides, what's cuter than food in jars?

1. This Mason jar taco salad is the perfect portable, healthy lunch

Andrea Lynn
Shake up your lunchtime routine with this layered taco salad in a jar.

2. Natalie Morales' on-the-go breakfast recipes: Bacon and eggs, overnight oats

3. Cranberries for every craving: 5 new ways to serve them at your Thanksgiving feast

Rebecca Lindamood / Foodie with Family
This jellied cranberry sauce will hold its shape when it comes out of its vessel.

4. Try some of our much-loved dishes on the TODAY Pinterest board

5. What's the best way to save leftover wine? You'll never guess!

STEVE CUKROV / Feature Pics
Try a mason jar to store leftover wine. The rings and lids make an airtight seal.

6. Sandra Lee's cinnamon buns, BLT salad and more

Peter Kramer / NBC
Try a mason jar BLT salad.

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