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This is not a dream: Ice cream on a cotton candy cloud is a thing

Up, up to the sky! These cotton candy wrapped ice cream cones are on another level and the internet is going wild for them.
/ Source: TODAY

If you think a summer heat wave is making you see things, let me assure you that these over-the-top soft serve ice cream cones swathed in halos of fluffy cotton candy are not mirages. These heavenly creations are taking over social media as the viral desserts of the moment and there's a line out the door for them at Milk Train Cafe, a London sweets shop that had a soft-opening only two weeks ago.

There are three soft serve ice cream flavors that you can get wrapped in a cotton candy cloud: matcha (green tea), vanilla and hojicha (roasted green tea).

If that isn't enough sugar for you, you can get the dreamy desserts topped with chocolate cookies, rice puffs, red bean, mixed nuts, biscuits and popcorn.

In case you're wondering how big these guys are, they're about the size of Santa's beard.

If cotton candy (or candy floss as it's called in England) isn't your thing, you can also order shaved ice or ice cream sundaes. You can also order the ice cream without the crazy halo, but where's the fun in that?