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Noise-canceling fork will cover up the offensive sound of slurping

If you're someone who can't stand the sound of people enjoying their food, this pricey device might just make mealtime more bearable.
/ Source: TODAY

Eating good ramen is one of life’s great pleasures and slurping your noodles is the culturally appropriate way to do it.—

But what if you’re someone who justcan’t stand the sound of people enjoying their food because you’re a buzzkill errr...misophonic?

Well, Japan's Nissin, the original food producer behind instant ramen, has the perfect tool to make others bend to your will. Meet the Otohiko fork, a noise-canceling fork that covers up the sound of noisy slurping.


The high-tech fork has sensors that detect surrounding sounds of slurping, at which point it sends a signal to the user’s Smartphone to play other sounds, like music or white noise, that are supposed to be more soothing than the slurping.

Now, slurpers can enjoy their noodles, and those who can't stand loud eaters can stay calm. Based on a promotional video released by Nissin, this is, apparently, the key to peace on earth.

In the clip, a trio of foreigners act shocked and disgusted while listening to the slurping sounds of their ramen-loving Japanese counterparts. They are pacified only after the offenders use this special fork and their slurps are overpowered by what sounds like the flush of a high-end toilet.

But peaceful eating apparently doesn't come cheaply.

Nissin is producing only 5,000 of these limited-edition $130 forks, which The Next Web has dubbed “the dumbest gadget of 2017.”

The forks can be ordered online through Dec.15.

We’re not sure who is actually going to buy this, because super slurpers (like me!) sure aren’t going to drop that much cash to appease other people’s psychological issues, and misophonics are going to lose all their friends if they dole these out as holiday gifts. Looks like peace on earth may continue to elude us.