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Are you ready for this? Pumpkin spice-flavored instant ramen is happening

The pumpkin spice noodles are only available for a short time in October.
It's happening.
It's happening. Nissin
/ Source: TODAY

No one asked for this, but it's happening: Nissin is getting in on the pumpkin spice craze.

Starting in October, Cup Noodles in the fall flavor of pumpkin spice will be available in select Walmarts around the country.

While it might be tempting to check the date on this article and verify it's not an April Fools' story, we assure you that this dish is actually happening.

According to the company, the autumnal version of Cup Noodles will be "saucy, not soup-based."

"Made with a special pumpkin seasoning that’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spiced, these saucy noodles are ready with just a splash of water and four minutes in the microwave," Nissin representatives wrote in a release, suggesting consumers add whipped cream "for the quickest, tastiest and most outlandish pumpkin spice in-a-cup experience you never knew you needed!"

TODAY Food spoke with Nissin Foods USA's vice president of marketing to make sure this really happening and it's definitely is — in honor of Cup Noodles turning 50 years old.

Jaclyn Park explained they wanted to do something special for fall in honor of the anniversary.

"So we asked ourselves, what do we think about when you know autumn rolls around? The leaves change, temperatures get a little bit cooler," she explained. "And you're kind of craving kind of the foods of autumn, and of course pumpkin spice came up came to mind."

"Ramen and soup comes to mind as an autumn favorite, pumpkin spice is also an autumn favorite, so we thought why not put the two together?" she added.

OK, we can think of a few reasons not to combine those two flavors but why not give it a whirl?

"I know that pumpkin spice isn't for everybody … but if you're a little bit curious, I think all I would say is, give it a try," Park said. "You might be pleasantly surprised. In fact, I think you will be pleasantly surprised."