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Nigella Lawson speaks out against TV stations airbrushing her 'sticking out stomach'

The celebrity chef embraces her curves and is speaking out against those who have tried to erase parts of her body.
Nigella Lawson
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/ Source: TODAY

While it's hard to imagine that anyone would look at Nigella Lawson and think that she needs some digital alterations to look camera ready, according to the talented TV personality and cookbook author, it definitely happens.

And she's not happy about it.

On Saturday, the 58-year-old "Nigella Bites" star took to Twitter to explain.

"I’ve had to tell American tv [sic] stations not to airbrush my sticking out stomach," she wrote. "The hatred of fat, and assumption that we’d all be grateful to be airbrushed thinner is pernicious."

Lawson's post has since garnered over 1,500 likes and dozens of supportive comments.

Of course, the chef isn't the only personality in the spotlight who has had something to say about the potentially harmful practice of erasing women's bodies on television, in print and on social media. In fact, Lawson's comment came as a response to an equally passionate post from "The Good Place" actress Jameela Jamil.

When a magazine recently characterized Jamil's own acceptance crusade and anti-Photoshop sentiments as an attempt to beseech others "to look uglier," she shot back, telling the writer of the piece "that a huge part of why I hate photoshop is how it’s used as a tool of erasure of ethnicities, our skin color, our features." In September, Jamil also lamented the proliferation of celebrity-endorsed weight-loss ads on Instagram.

As for the "At My Table" author, her response to Jamil, coupled with her complaint about the existence of a "hatred of fat" should come as no surprise to fans. Throughout her career, Lawson has often spoken up about body image, and the importance of celebrating one's curves (without sacrificing the joy of eating) over the idea of depriving oneself to stay super skinny.

Lawson's fans and followers applauded her latest take on the topic, and expressed their baffled reactions to the idea that she would need any alterations to her figure to appear on TV.

Her fans believe that Lawson herself — much like her food — doesn't require any tweaking.

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