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No one pronounces 'microwave' the way Nigella Lawson does

Not only did she add an extra syllable, but she said it in a way that may be unique in human speech.
Nigella Lawson
We will never look at the basic appliance the same way again.Anne-Marie Jackson / Toronto Star via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Nigella Lawson absolutely knows her way around a kitchen. She's written books, hosted TV shows, has a cookware range and can whip up a recipes that'll set your taste buds alight.

But recently, she ventured into reshaping the English language, and … well, we're all a bit confused by what transpired. You see, as one fan noted on Twitter, during her "Cook, Eat, Repeat" show, she put an unusual twist on the word "microwave":

There it is: Not "microwave," but "mee-kroh-wah-vey."

It reminds us of the time former "Bachelor" contestant Hannah Godwin got caught pronouncing "gnocchi" as "knaaawssh."

Some Lawson loyalists are already vowing to change their ways:

"I feel embarrassed … been pronouncing it wrong this whole time," wrote one Twitter user.

Others feel there's a similarity in a certain 1990 earworm tune:

But we had to wonder: Could this be on purpose? The way many of us fancy up Target by adding a French accent and calling it "Tarjay"?

That might be the right answer, according to other fans:

"Nah, she's just mucking about and deliberately misprouncing words," another person replied. "I do it too. In my world things can be hilariable and this is a large animal called a hippopoterous."

"I love this, we deliberately mispronounce words in our house all the time. Such fun," added someone else.

So, perhaps she's working on the advice of the (fictional) head of NBC development from "30 Rock," Jack Donaghy, who noted, "Sometimes you have to change things that are perfectly good just to make them your own."

And Lawson confirmed this theory on Tuesday, responding directly to the above tweet.

"We do, too. Exactly that," she wrote.

So it's all in good fun, after all! We're so glad. So please excuse us — it's time to fetch a cold drink from our free-adge.