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Wawa is now serving pizza at over 900 locations. Here’s what customers are saying

The convenience store chain has over 1,000 locations, and pizza will now be served in over 900 of them.

Pizza is officially on the menu at Wawa.

Starting at $12.99 a pie, pizza can now be found on the convenience store’s dinner menu in 900 of Wawa's locations across the mid-Atlantic and Florida.

Customers who wish to purchase the item can do so from touchscreens located in the store or through the Wawa app, and they can buy the pizza from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. at stores that are open 24 hours.

The hot dish will be sold in two sizes — 14 or 16 inches — in the vast majority of locations. However, a few locations will only sell a special, personal-size pizza rather than the full-sized version of the dish.

As far as ingredients, Wawa says it is using “freshly made dough, proprietary pizza sauce, whole milk mozzarella, and more” for the new dish.

Wawa, convenience store and gas station.
Wawa, convenience store and gas station.Jeff Greenberg / Getty Images

The pizza will then be baked in dedicated pizza ovens that have been added to most of the stores, allowing customers to purchase pizzas with different types of toppings, such as pepperoni, mushroom, sausage and more.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch Wawa Pizza and give our customers another delicious dinner meal option to pair with our expansive selection of other fresh-to-order foods, snacks, drinks, and more,” said Mary-Rose Hannum, vice president of fresh food and beverages for Wawa, in a statement.

“Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in America, so we couldn’t be more excited to make it a part of Wawa’s fast-casual-to-go offering and create a restaurant-like experience with our high-quality ingredients, great value, and the convenience we’re known for," Hannum continued. “It’s officially a pizza night at Wawa!”

So far, reaction to the menu addition on social media has been skewing positive, though not enthusiastically so.

“I tried @Wawa pizza today. It was pretty good!” tweeted one fan.

“Here’s my review of the new Wawa pizza. Solid 5/10. It’s a step above Costco pizza but nowhere near your local mom and pop NY style pizza shop,” tweeted another Wawa customer. “It’s priced like a premium pie but really shouldn’t be. I’m glad Wawa is attempting pizza again, but this isn’t a slice above much.”

“My local Wawa sells pizza now. Doesn’t taste bad though,” tweeted yet another with a similar sentiment.

The arrival of Wawa Pizza comes after the chain debuted burgers and fries in 2021. Since then, more popular items have been added to the menu, such as dinner salads, crispy chicken, dinner sides and more.