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Taco Bell is testing 2 new types of Mexican Pizza

If you're a fan of crunch and spice, these new Mexican Pizzas are for you.

It seems like a pair of popular Taco Bell customizations could eventually join the menu in a more official capacity.

America’s biggest Tex-Mex fast-food chain is testing out a pair of new varieties of its fan-favorite menu item, Mexican Pizza, at Taco Bell locations in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Omaha, Nebraska.

As a refresher, the original menu item consists of seasoned beef and refried beans spread between two tortilla shells with a signature “Mexican Pizza Sauce” made with diced tomatoes, diced green chilies and tomato paste. It's then topped with a three-cheese blend and tomatoes.

Potentially joining the ranks, along with a Veggie Mexican Pizza (that foregoes the seasoned beef) will perhaps be two new Mexican Pizza remixes. Someone page Dolly Parton; she might want to sing a song or two about these.

 Taco Bell's Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza.
Taco Bell's Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza.Taco Bell

The first is called the Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza and it aims to be a more cheesy and spicy version of the original Doja Cat favorite. The new version is topped with nacho cheese sauce and spicy jalapeño slices in addition to what comes standard. This version will be sold in the Oklahoma City area.

Even though you can already customize a Mexican Pizza this way at any Taco Bell using the chains add-on options for around $6, this test version of the dish is priced between $4.99 and $5.49, depending on the restaurant. This means that if it’s added to the menu, the spice-lovers among us will save a little scratch. 

Taco Bell's Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza.
Taco Bell's Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza.Taco Bell

Elsewhere, in Omaha, customers can sample a Mexican Pizza that aims to be a significantly more substantial. This other pizza remix is called the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza. This version boasts three layers of tortilla instead of two. Get on your stretchy pants for this one. Taco Bell has confirmed that this version has twice the beans and beef and costs $5.99.

For folks that live in these two lucky cities, the Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza and the Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza both go on sale for a limited time starting Dec. 22.

The original cult-favorite menu item, Mexican Pizza, returned as a permanent menu item on Sept. 15. Announced by CEO Mark King in a July 29 interview with Fortune, the item came back after a pandemic-related hiatus, several celebrity pleas and one petition.