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Exclusive: Ryan Reynolds challenges Steve-O to eat a Carolina Reaper pepper in new ad

Chaos, of course, ensued, and ended with a cool glass of milk.

Unlike Steve-O’s hot sauce, Ryan Reynold’s TV advertising platform MNTN isn’t too hot to handle.

In a recent coming together of their two brands, actor Ryan Reynolds and funny guy Steve-O sat down to complete a dare.

Ryan Reynolds, who is the Chief Creative Officer of MNTN, a software company that allows brands to get their ads on TV in three simple steps, tasked Steve-O with uploading his own ad for his hot sauce, Steve-O’s Hot Sauce For Your Butthole (yes, you read that correctly). The theory at the heart of the challenge being that MNTN makes launching ads so easy that it can be done while experiencing the throes of a Carolina Reaper.

In 2017, Guinness World Records dubbed the pepper as the hottest chile pepper in the world, so it’s no wonder that at the top of the ad, Steve-O was quick to express his hesitance.

“I thought I was here to promote my small business using MNTN’s platform,” the stunt performer replied to Reynold’s news that he would be chowing down on the pepper.

“You are, but we’d also we also like to see you eat the peppers,” Reynolds quipped.

“Only because I love you,” Steve-O replied before timidly plucking up a chile pepper and biting into it.

“That’s over 1.5 million on the Scoville heat index,” Reynolds noted as Steve-O exhibited visible signs of feeling the burn.

The Scoville scale measures the pungency or heat of chile peppers. As Steve-O explained through tempered chews, it’s the hottest item that a person can legally put in their mouth. For context, the Carolina Reaper ranks just under pure capsaicin (an active component of chile peppers) and pepper spray on the scale.

As Steve-O demonstrated, the easy act of chewing and swallowing is unbearable when it comes to the Carolina Reaper. In order to do the latter, Steve-O had to psych himself up for the inevitable and flashed a rock-star sign before making the big swallow.

With a brief flicker of concern for his friend, who appeared to be ready to hack up a lung, Reynolds decided to get the ball on the MNTN demonstration rolling.

“All right, well. MNTN is so easy that Steve here can flight his own TV ad. So I think you just take it away, Steve,” Reynolds urged.

Through tears, snot, red eyes and a hoarse throat, Steve-O explained how MNTN works.

“Let’s say I want to run an ad for my delicious hot sauce, Steve’s Hot Sauce For Your Butthole,” the comedian proposed through gritted teeth and gasps but holding it together enough to pull out a bottle of his hot sauce.

“Wait, hold on a second,” Reynolds chuckled. “Is that actually what it’s called?”

It really is. According to Steve-O's website, the sauce is "Just hot enough for your butthole* to know about it and too delicious for your mouth to ever forget."

After confirming it's name, Steve-O got to listing off the features of the software. Through his pain, he even managed to comment on the MNTN site's simple design and sleek-looking website and ultimately breaking to describe his anguish.

“My whole throat is on fire like I just drank lava,” he gasped before continuing with the explainer. Still, however brave Steve-O managed to be in the stretch of moments after swallowing the Carolina Reaper, it was the pepper that won out.

Unable to bear the burn any longer, Steve-O tapped out before he could finish his explanation of how the software worked and sought sweet relief in a cool glass of milk.

Hilariously, the comedian and stunt performer made every effort to get rid of the blazing sensation that was so bad he shamelessly snorted milk out from both of his nostrils and spat out what was left.

Earlier this month, actor Christopher Meloni took part in an ad — also produced by MNTN — that was similarly too hot to handle. The “Law & Order” actor worked out in the buff for a Peloton commercial which poked fun at his reveal earlier this year that he actually really does pump iron in the nude.