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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is turning into a wedding chapel

Marry your bun and only in front of a giant hot dog on wheels — it'll be a banger of a wedding.
Oscar Mayer wedding chapel
Dan Bushkin / Oscar Mayer

Getting married in a hot dog? What a weiner you would be.

On April 10, Oscar Mayer announced that from April 15 to 16, its famous Wienermobile will transform into a limited-time chapel for couples to get married in a once-in-a-lifetime, all-expenses paid wedding the brand is calling the “Wienermobile of Love.” One of the six vehicles in the Weinermobile fleet — yes, there are six of them traveling around the U.S. right now — will make a stop in Las Vegas, the unofficial quickie wedding capital of the world.

“72% of couples report feeling stressed about their wedding day, so Oscar Mayer is sparking smiles and providing welcomed relief to couples looking to trade in a big wedding for a stress-free, unique and joyful celebration — hot dogs included!” said Oscar Mayer in a press release.

Oscar Mayer Wedding Chapel
Hotdoggers will be on hand to help couples down the aisle.Dan Bushkin / Oscar Mayer

According to the nearly 140-year-old company, the Wienermobile gets thousands of requests to attend surprise proposals and weddings across the country every year, because who wouldn’t say yes to an eternity with someone when faced with such a frank declaration of love?

With this in mind, Oscar Mayer is finally giving couples what they’ve always wanted, for the very first time in all 87 years of the Weinermobile's existence.

“Weddings are often described as the happiest day of couples’ lives, but getting to that point is not always a cakewalk,” said Oscar Mayer, adding that in order to help with the stress of the occasion for some lucky lovers, Big Hot Dog has swung in to help.

“Oscar Mayer is bringing some much-needed relief by providing couples the chance to trade in the hoopla of a traditional wedding in favor of something stress-free and fun: an elopement to the Wienermobile outside the iconic Little White Chapel in Las Vegas,” reads the release.

Oscar Mayer Wedding Chapel
Yes, this is a hot dog wedding cake.Oscar Mayer

This meat-cute between fiances will be festooned with hot dog-forward touches like a live Wiener Whistle Quartet, a “wonderfully odd” wiener cake, photo-ops galore and a pun-filled ceremony, if couples so choose. (You better believe the quartet’s going to play the “Oh I Wish” jingle.)

The ceremonies will be officiated by Oscar Mayer’s very own Hotdoggers, who are the official spokespeople of the Wienermobile and travel in pairs on a “coast-to-coast wiener roast” year-long tour.

Oscar Mayer Wedding Chapel
Your live Wiener Whistle Quartet, if you and your soulmate so choose.Dan Bushkin / Oscar Mayer

Each and every wedding weiner that decides to get married with the Wienermobile in full view will be doing so on April 15 or 16 at the Wienermobile of Love, parked conveniently next to the Little White Chapel, the Vegas chapel that has become a hotspot for celebrity weddings — most recently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Oscar Mayer Wedding Chapel
The Wienermobile trunk reads, "Just Linked."Dan Bushkin / Oscar Mayer

Interested couples can sign up for the opportunity on the Oscar Mayer website starting April 10 and will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. “BYO-marriage license!” the release reads, meaning that you should probably get on down to the courthouse now if you and your sweet lil’ sausage want to get hitched care of Oscar Mayer.

Oscar Mayer said this whole ham of a situation is solely designed to subvert the seriousness of stressful wedding planning and solely highlight the intended joy of weddings. How can you be a groomzilla or bridezilla when there’s a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels right in front of you?