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Oreo announces a new Snickerdoodle flavor — here’s when they hit shelves

It may still be fall, but Oreo is feeling the Christmas spirit a little early.
Oreo’s new Snickerdoodle flavor is the first sign that Christmas is here.
Oreo’s new Snickerdoodle flavor is the first sign that Christmas is here.Oreo

For some people who have finally found themselves relaxed into the cooler temperatures and changing colors of fall, they've just barely gotten used to seeing pumpkin spice and Halloween candy for sale everywhere. It may shock them as Christmas is but a far away thought to them, but for one cookie company, that time is never too early.

On Sept. 28, Oreo announced that it was releasing a new flavor, Snickerdoodle Oreos, in advance of the Christmas season. The new flavor is the latest in the brand’s long line of creative seasonal treats like gingerbread, apple cider and of course pumpkin spice. This time, Oreo hopes the limited-edition snickerdoodle will get fans ready for the winter holidays.

Oreo Snickerdoodle Oreos.
Oreo Snickerdoodle Oreos.Oreo

Oreo Snickerdoodle Cookies will be available for purchase on Oct. 17 nationwide, while supplies last. The cookies boast a combination of sweetness and cinnamon spice and fit into Oreo’s brand new holiday offerings by taste —  and also by look. 

The breakdown of flavors goes like this: the base cookies are both snickerdoodle-flavored and the creme is cinnamon flavored, bespeckled with green and red sugar crystals within its creamy center. 

Oreo may have officially revealed the new flavor on Wednesday, but the brand actually started the announcement last Friday on their Twitter account for those with a keen eye for detail. 

The first word of 8 of the brand’s tweets starting on Sept. 23 revealed the flavor by saying “Our Next OREO Cookie Flavor Is Snickerdoodle” when eagle-eyed followers knew where to look.

Oreo's clever reveal of its new Snickerdoodle Oreos.
Oreo's clever reveal of its new Snickerdoodle Oreos.Oreo

Oreo is known for its many flavor creations, like past iterations of chocolate hazelnut and java chip, mint chocolate chip, apple pie, Ritz/Oreo mashups, strawberry-frosted donut and of course themed Oreos like Lady Gaga’s Chromatica-colored Oreos.

Regarding Oreo Snickerdoodles, the cookie company also took the reveal to Instagram and TikTok where the brand shared a video of a “grandma” dancing along with snickerdoodle cookies to express that these snickerdoodles are much more modern than their origins. 

Fun fact: Snickerdoodles were first written into the recipe books in the late 1800s, and the word may be gibberish because its inventors allegedly liked how silly the name sounded, so that’s what stuck.

Another theory is that it comes from the Schneckennudeln, a German pastry whose name literally translates to “snail noodle.” It’s a good thing the snickerdoodle name stuck here in the states, we wager.