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Martha Stewart’s puzzled reaction to queso dip is perfect

Stewart posted a photo of homemade caviar pasta on Instagram, proving that she’s not like the rest of us.
Martha Stewart on TODAY
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

No matter how hard we try, Martha Stewart will always one up us — but at least she can laugh about her reputation for not exactly cooking with the most accessible ingredients at home.

It all started when Stewart, 81, shared a series of photos on Instagram of a two-course dinner she recently prepared for her friends, explaining that she had “cooked and baked a bit this weekend.”

Of course, “cooked and baked a bit” means something different for Martha Stewart than it does for many of us, and people were quick to comment on the fact that Stewart had topped her (delicious-looking) lemon and Parmesan linguine with a pile of white sturgeon caviar.

“Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip,” one person joked in the comments.

Stewart replied directly with one deadpan question:

“what’s queso dip?”

The lifestyle guru and thirst trap aficionado is presumably familiar with queso dip, seeing as a recipe for slow-cooker queso was published in a 2020 issue of “Martha Stewart Living.”

Her feigned unawareness of this Super Bowl staple was just the latest example of Stewart’s wry humor on social media.

Over the past few years, fans have loved her tongue-in-cheek thirst trap posts (meaning posts that are meant to grab attention) on Instagram and TikTok.

Her sultry pool selfie from 2020 is now the stuff of internet legend, and Stewart looked equally fabulous in September when she filmed an ad for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters wearing nothing but an apron.

“Oh, hi there,” Stewart said in the hilarious promo. “I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of pumpkin spice … and nothing else, literally.”

Stewart also recently showed off her glowing skin on Instagram following a “mostly dry January,” saying the photo had undergone “absolutely no re-imaging” or “filtering.”