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Watch Gordon Ramsay's horrified reaction to video of peanut butter on steak

Gordon Ramsay is not amused.

Welcome to Gordon Ramsay’s latest kitchen nightmare.

The celebrity chef, 55, reacted to a TikTok video of a steak being cooked in peanut butter — and it’s safe to say he was horrified.

The "cooking" demo, shared by infamous TikTok creators @janelleandkate, who post purposely controversial food videos, began with someone slathering globs of creamy peanut butter onto a T-bone steak.

“No. No, no, you are kidding me! Stop it. No, no, come on. Oh, for God’s sake!” Ramsay said as he watched the video, which was set to the music of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

Ramsay continued to watch in disbelief as the steak was coated in thick layers of peanut butter, so much so that the meat was hardly visible in the pan.

“No, not both sides. I mean, it’s smooth but, no!” he said. “No, no, no, you've drowned the poor T-bone!”

He also expressed shock when the cook began scooping excess peanut butter from the pan back into the jar, even though it had touched the raw steak.

“Hold on a minute, now you’re contaminating the jar of peanut butter!” Ramsay exclaimed.

Ramsay’s stress levels reached a peak when the cook wiped excess peanut butter off the browned steak with a paper towel.

“No, no, kids, that looks awful,” he said. “Oh hold on, now you look like you’re frying a freaking diaper. How to screw a T-bone!”

The “Next Level Chef” host often shares real-time reactions to TikTok cooking videos as part of his #ramsayreacts series.

Social media users are purposely rolling Ramsay with their cooking demos, coming up with unusual recipes to get an outraged reaction from the famously irate chef, like the TikTok user who tagged Ramsay in a video about ramen served in a carved-out pineapple. Another person asked Ramsay to share his thoughts about a slab of ham slathered in ketchup that was fried in a pan.

People were definitely on Ramsay’s side when it came to his recent peanut butter steak video, writing in the comments that the recipe was “illegal activity” and “just wrong.”

TikTok’s official account even commented on the video, joking that the recipe could be called “pb&s" instead of "pb&j."

In case it hadn’t been made abundantly clear how he feels about peanut butter on steak by his video reaction, Ramsay replied in the comments, “This will never be on a menu of mine....”