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Dad goes viral for 'discussion agenda' for his weekly meetup at the bar

Topics have included football, bourbon, Prince Harry and “Bud VS Bud Light," amongst many others.

A father's commitment to organization — even in the face of multiple happy hour beers with the boys — has scored him universal praise.

On Dec. 2, 2022, a tweet by @kenzianidiot, whose real name is Kenzi Enright, shared the first of a series of photos — something that's becoming a bit of a weekly tradition for many users on Twitter.

In her first of many tweets on the subject, Enright shares details about her ultra-fastidious father (whose first name is Riley) who whips up a list of conversation topics to chat about when he meets up with friends at a bar every Friday.

“My dad goes to a bar with his friends every friday and he makes a list of discussion topics,”  reads the tweet by @kenzianidiot. Along with the tweet, which has over 10,000 retweets and has been liked more than 260,000 times, the Twitter user shares an image of her father’s typed and neatly printed discussion agenda for the evening.

Among the topics discussed on the agenda dated Dec. 1, 2022 were Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love, the World Cup and a political topic: “China and Russia.” 

The two last items for the meetup proved to be a bit lighter and included talking about an “after Christmas party with the boys” and finally, a space for general discussion. Perhaps they talked about Christmas shopping over the Bud Lights and Downeast Cider sitting on the table, but only they know.

In a follow-up tweet, Enright elaborates a bit on the lore surrounding her father’s now-viral agenda. 

“Backstory: my dad and his friends have a ‘board meeting’ every friday & he texts the ‘board members’ if they have anything to put on the agenda,” reads a tweet by Enright. “I get quarterly invites which is life’s biggest honor.”

We reached out to Enright and her dad Riley who tell that being surprised is an understatement to how they feel at this moment. In fact, they’re absolutely astounded at how the discussion lists have blown up on social media.

“When I first shared his agendas on Twitter, I just did it because I thought it was cute and might make a handful of people chuckle,” Enright says, “We’ve gotten so many responses from people that get a kick out of it, but we have also heard from people that took a lot of meaning from it and that’s been incredibly touching.”

Responses to Enright's initial tweet were pretty much uniformly positive, with many users across Twitter complimenting father Riley and his dedication to bullet pointed lists. 

“Dad sounds cool as hell tbh,” writes one user on Twitter.

“Your dad is at the level we’re all trying to attain,” says another user.

“I don’t know what I [love] better: your dad’s note from the bar OR that you get updated from said notes,” writes one user on Twitter. “My dad died when I was 10 and you are beyond fortunate.”

“Does the paperclip imply he brings one for everyone?” asks another Twitter user, to which Enright confirmed, writing “Yep. he made 4 copies, one for each of us.”

Some users also added their two cents to discussion topics, asked for an invite, or suggested topics for upcoming “board meetings.”

“Can i submit some topics for their next discussion?” asks one user on Twitter, suggesting “is Europe a continent?” and whether or not “two bears” would win in a fight against “one hippo.”

“The period after “Jordan Love”…that’s his passion topic,” writes another Twitter user, to which another replied, “I feel like Jordan Love has been holding down that top spot after every Packers loss.”

"Would your dad be interested in setting up a Zoom call, so I can hang with him and the boys?" asks another user.

Since the initial post in December 2022, Enright has posted a few more of her father’s bar chat agendas, including a Jan. 13 agenda that included talking about football, vacations, superstitions, “Prince Harry” and “Laird’s water heater.” (Kenzi’s father clarified that Laird was getting his water heater replaced, hence its inclusion on the list.)

If you’re wondering how long this has been going on, Enright says that Riley has been making lists "for several years" and has been printing out the agendas from the very beginning. No one can fault this man for his dedication, that's for sure. 

“I truly think it’s so cool to see how many people are invested and following along with us,” Enright’s dad Riley tells “And we’re all relieved to know that our years of training for that in this bar are finally paying off.”

A “throwback” agenda posted on a week Enright said her dad was traveling to visit her. In that post, she shared a text from March 2022, and that week's discussion included “televisions,” in case you were curious.

Much like her father, Enright's dedication to sharing these weekly agendas online is becoming somewhat of a tradition, with the latest edition of her father’s bar agenda dropping on Jan. 27.

The tweet which Enright notes is “pt 5,” includes a range of entertaining discussion topics, even if we aren’t privy to any of the discussion. Case in point, the fact that the group discussed “The never ending Aaron Rogers saga,” bourbon tasting, and “Bud VS Bud Light,” which both Budweiser and Bud Light replied to in the thread. 

The topic “Using an agenda on a date???? Really has happened” is another discussion topic included on the agenda, the irony of which tickled several people on Twitter.

Almost every Friday since her initial tweet, Enright has posted her father’s bar agenda to great fanfare, a highly upvoted post on Reddit, tons of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter.

“Behind the scenes of my dad excitedly prepping for todays agenda drop,” writes Enright on Twitter.

The tweet shows a FaceTime call between father and daughter, both with beaming smiles as the bar agenda’s fanbase grows, thanks to them.

“We’ve heard from people that have expressed that they are experiencing loneliness and this has made them feel like they’re a part of the crew,” Enright says, adding that they’re touched by how many people who have lost parents have reached out. 

“I am so lucky to have grown up in a family where truly everyone is welcome and everyone is considered family, and I know that can be pretty rare,” Enright says. “We’ve stumbled into creating a space where anyone following along can feel like they’re part of our family and that has been so ridiculously meaningful. And hopefully everyone continues to feel like they are part of the crew. Because really they are!”