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Klondike says the Choco Taco might be coming back after all

Quit playing games with our hearts, Choco.
What would you do for...a Klondike Choco Taco?
What would you do for...a Klondike Choco Taco?Klondike / Instagram

Time might be all that stands between the public’s lips and a publicly mourned Mexican inspired chocolate treat. 

Things have been somber in the ice cream aisle ever since news of Klondike discontinuing the Choco Taco hit the conversational tubes and pipes of the internet last month. After confirming the news of Choco Taco’s demise in a series of tweets on July 25, parent company Klondike is sending a taco-shaped beacon of hope into the zeitgeist. 

Ever since Klondike dropped the news, their social media accounts have dealt with a well-intentioned but seemingly constant barrage of fans asking about the Choco Taco. Many of those fans are likely similar to at least one TODAY Food reporter, who absolutely neglected to buy any Choco Tacos for years until they were told by the ice cream company that makes them that no one would ever be able to eat one ever again. 

“How can you get rid of such a classic, childhood dessert like the choco taco?” asked one Twitter user under a Klondike tweet not about Choco Tacos but about birthdays. Clearly speaking out of anger, the user then cruelly followed the question with an insult, sounding just like my ex-boyfriend when we broke up. “Are you guys ever gonna realize that Klondike bars are outrageously bland, and really not all that good???”

“Why are you retiring the Choco Taco?!?!?!? It’s a sad day in the land of #Tacos and #TacoTuesday,” said one Twitter user, who also followed the question with a dig at Klondike’s other offerings. Are people OK? 

Then, on August 2, a tweet to the official Klondike Twitter account from a disappointed Choco Taco fan started the rumor mill buzzing in the hopes we would all have of another taste of that sugary waffle shell, chocolate-swirled vanilla ice cream center and chocolate and nut shell topping we neglected until it was too late. 

“I’ve looked everywhere in my hometown for Choco Tacos and I can’t find any,” said the user in a pair of replies on Twitter. “I’ve looked everywhere within my area and surrounding cities and there’s nothing… absolutely heartbreaking.”

“We know this is disappointing,” said Klondike in an August 2 tweet. “We’ve heard our fans, and we’re hoping to bring this favorite treat back to ice cream trucks in the coming years!”

Does this mean the Choco Taco will be coming back officially? We reached out to Klondike to find out what the deal was, and they had this to say:

“We knew the Choco Taco was a fan favorite, and the decision to discontinue the product was a tough one to make,” said a Klondike spokesperson to TODAY Food in an email. “The overwhelming support for Choco Taco has certainly made us reconsider our long-term plans. The team is working on a plan to bring it back, though it may take some time. There are currently no definite timelines for bringing the Choco Taco back.”

While it’s exciting that they have heard their fans, the time frame implied in the tweet is a little bit less encouraging. I mean, I might have a husband in the coming years — but I’m currently extremely single. Still, there’s hope! Let’s all hold on to that hope until just maybe, Choco Taco Tuesday comes back to us one day.