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Boston Market releases Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets as new menu item

The nationwide chain is serving up their beloved rotisserie chickens in a new portable way.

Boston Market is reinventing the chicken nugget.

On July 11, the nationwide chain, who call themselves the “Original Rotisserie Experts” on social media, announced in a press release that they'll be adding Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets to their menu.

Combining two beloved meals, the new all-white-meat nuggets are roasted rather than fried, providing a healthier option for customers. The nuggets are portioned into bite-sized pieces from the whole rotisserie chicken before they are marinated in one of the brand's signature seasoning blends.

“The Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets will set the new standard for nuggets,” Jay Pandya, President and Chief Rotisserie Expert for Boston Market, said in the release. “They are bigger than our competitors, healthier than fried alternatives, and packed with flavor—there is no other true rotisserie option on the market.”

This item will be available at all 315 locations across the United States and will come in both the signature or spicy flavor. They can be ordered in a small or large combo meal, a la carte in various quantities, a kid’s meal or a catering platter.

With these nuggets, the chain hopes to serve a new generation of customers who are constantly on the go and need more handheld options.

“Our chefs worked hard to perfect a new type of nugget for consumers that is fresher and healthier, without the heavy breading or grease,” Pandya added. “These nuggets are our first hand-held option meal, so there’s no need for a knife and fork and guests can enjoy our signature rotisserie chicken on the go.”

On social media, there have been mixed reactions to the new menu item. One Twitter user wrote, "Them Rotisserie Nuggets from @bostonmarket slap."

Another customer enjoyed the nuggets as well as the signature marinade, tweeting, “boston market rotisserie nuggets are flame, & that signature sauce?”

Not all social media reactions to the new menu item were positive, though.

One customer got a taste before the official announcement was made, tweeting a photo of the meal alongside the message, “Decided to try Boston Market’s new Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets today with high hopes.. Sadly, they’re pretty unremarkable.”

Boston Market isn’t the only nationwide chain shaking things up on their menu this year.

Back in June, Cinnabon strayed from their name and released their first menu item without cinnamon, their Chocolate BonBites. The same month, Taco Bell continued its trend of combining beloved snacks with their traditional menu items, creating the Big Cheez-It Tostada, which serves us beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese on a Cheez-It cracker that is 16 times the original size of the beloved snack.

Wendy’s also introduced a highly anticipated menu item in June, releasing a new version of the Frosty across the United States. After being the “most requested item” from customers, the fast-food chain added a strawberry Frosty to the menu for a limited time.