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Best Buy recalls 772,000 air fryers after some caught fire, burned or melted

Best Buy has received over 100 reports of Insignia air fryers catching fire, burning or melting.

If you have an Insignia air fryer at home, you might want to check the model number before using it again.

Best Buy just recalled 772,000 Insignia air fryers after receiving more than 100 reports from consumers that the air fryer or air fryer oven caught fire, burned or melted, the reported the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Sixty-eight of the reports came from U.S. consumers and 36 originated in Canada. Seven reports cited minor property damage and two included reports of injuries, with one injuring a child's leg.

Which air fryers are included in the recall?

The recalled appliances were sold at Best Buy stores, on the company's website, and on eBay and Google between November 2018 and February 2022 with a retail price between $30 and $150. Their cooking chamber capacities range in size from 3.4 to 10 quarts.

The recalled list includes the following models:

  • Insignia Digital Air Fryers
  • Insignia Analog Air Fryers
  • Insignia Digital Air Fryer Ovens

And these are the recalled model numbers:

  • Air Fryers: NS-AF32DBK9, NS-AF32MBK9, NS-AF50MBK9, NS-AF53DSS0, NS-AF53MSS0, NS-AF55DBK9, NS-AF32MBK9-C, NS-AF50DBK0-C, NS-AF50MBK9-C, NS-AF53MSS0-C and NS-AF55DBK9-C
  • Air Fryer Ovens: NS-AFO6DBK1, NS-AFO6DSS1 and NS-AFO6DSS1-C

In a message to consumers on the recall website, Best Buy emphasized the importance of customer safety and explained why they voluntarily recalled the Insignia products.

“The reason for this recall is that these specific models of air fryers and air fryer ovens can overheat, posing potential fire and burn hazards,” the company wrote.

Can you get a refund?

Consumers are encouraged to stop using the recalled air fryers and air fryer ovens, and Best Buy is offering store-credit refunds that can be used in store or online.

The company has set up a website where consumers can register to receive a shipping box and pre-paid return shipping label to return the product and receive a gift card. It also have a hotline at 800-566-7498 that's open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

“The amount of the electronic gift card will be the greater of the price paid on your purchase receipt or the average sales price in the country of purchase ($50 USD for units purchased in the US and $75 CAD for units purchased in Canada),” the company writes on the website.

Don't have the purchase receipt anymore? Customers can check their My Best Buy account to find it.