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News anchors gag on air over co-worker's horrible holiday artichoke dip

It's so bad. And they just can't hide it.
/ Source: TODAY

This story was originally published in 2016.

Sometimes that special holiday dish made by a co-worker is just so bad you can't hide it.

A group of Global News Calgary anchors found themselves in that spot on live television when traffic reporter Leslie Horton subjected them to her #cookingfail of a homemade artichoke dip.

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel was the first to break as he nearly lost his lunch after sampling it.

"It's not that bad,'' he said. "It's — the vinegar."

"But there's no vinegar in there!" Horton said.

As Witzel tries to recover, fellow anchors Amber Schinkel and Scott Fee were either stifling laughter or their gag reflex.

"It's artichoke dip, but something went terribly wrong,'' Horton said.

Schinkel did her best to try to politely sample the dip but couldn't hide the truth.

"It burns," she says as everyone loses it.

Horton ultimately figured out the culprit in her artichoke atrocity.

Since we at TODAY don't want anyone meeting Horton's fate over the holidays, here are five delicious artichoke and spinach dips that won't send your co-workers scurrying for their cubicles (or the bathroom).