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New toasted marshmallow Milanos are (almost) the s'mores cookies of your dreams

Milano cookies are jumping aboard the s'mores train with the latest toasted marshmallow flavor
/ Source: TODAY

Light, crumbly and just the right amount of sweet, the Milano cookie is clearly the favorite child of the Pepperidge Farm family. Over the years, its had quite a few makeovers — from the now-classic mint flavor to the trendy salted caramel from earlier this year.

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And now it's jumping aboard the s'mores train (kind of). The latest Milano cookie flavor is "toasted marshmallow" — which is available now at Target and will be available nationwide on January 1 — in case "eating more cookies" is your New Year's resolution.

Toasted marshmallow Milano cookies
Nathan R Congleton / TODAY

We tried 'em — well, quite a few of 'em — because, much like all their other variations, they're very addictive. It's very easy to go through a bag of them without realizing it as you write an intro to an article.

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Toasted Marshmallow Milanos
Nathan R Congleton / TODAY

However, they're not very different from original Milanos — buttery and shortbread-y, which, of course, isn't a bad thing — but we think they could have easily taken this cookie to the next level. The "toasted marshmallow" is more like a thin swipe of Oreo filling; I didn't find anything "toasted" about it, but one of my colleagues said she detected a tiny toasted flavor. Either way, we both agree that if there was just a touch of graham cracker flavor added to the cookie, it could have been called "S'mores Milano," which would have been awesome.

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But alas, they didn't do those things, so they're pretty much the same as regular Milanos. Maybe I'll try to toast them myself and see what happens. Or I won't, and I'll probably end up eating a whole other bag by the end of the day anyway.