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Reese's has a new peanut butter cup — and it looks like nothing we've ever seen

Are you team chocolate or team peanut butter?
/ Source: TODAY

Just like coffee and cream, pancakes and maple syrup, or spaghetti and meatballs — peanut butter and chocolate just go together in a wonderful way.

Now Reese’s wants fans of its popular peanut butter cups to pick a side with two new offerings. Its limited-edition cups will pit chocolate fans against peanut butter lovers.

“Reese’s is giving you the chance to have more of what you love with the new limited-time Reese’s Lovers Cups,” the Hershey’s company told TODAY Food in a statement. The two new cups — “Chocolate Lovers” and “Peanut Butter Lovers” — will be available nationwide beginning in mid-April.

The Lovers Cups give candy fans choice between enjoying more peanut butter or more chocolate.

“The new Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers will literally have a peanut butter candy top shell, and the new Reese’s Chocolate Lovers is more chocolate than we’ve ever packed into a Reese’s Cup,” according to Hershey's.

The Chocolate Lovers cup has a much higher proportion of richer milk chocolate and a thicker shell surrounding the peanut butter. The Peanut Butter Lovers, which looks truly unique, contains more peanut butter inside, a thinner chocolate shell and is topped with a peanut buttery coating.

Reese's Peanut Butter Lovers Cups have half the chocolate of the classic Reese's cups.
Reese's Peanut Butter Lovers Cups have half the chocolate of the classic Reese's cups.Hershey's

The Lovers cups come in both regular and king-size sleeves. Each serving has only one kind of the new cups so if you want to try both, you'll have to buy two packs or find a friend and swap one out.

To launch the new Lovers Cups, Reese’s will open a “Reese’s Swap Shop” in New York City from March 26 to March 27. Reese’s fans can swap any beloved item (old skates, a toaster, even a stuffed animal) for a Reese’s Chocolate Lovers or Peanut Butter Lovers cup.

The modified combinations beg the age-old question: is too much of a good thing a bad thing? After all, the classic Reese’s already has the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate down to a delicious science.

Hershey's has released a lot of twists on its classic candy in recent years. In October, Reese’s announced the release of “Reese’s Thins,” a cup that's 40 percent thinner than the original version and comes in both milk and dark chocolate. A lot of peanut butter cup devotees called the smaller product “deeply unsatisfying.”

Reese’s has produced at least one unplanned product, too. Last July, a man in Iowa, bit into a peanut-butter-less peanut butter cup.

He posted a Facebook video of the treat to prove it wasn't Photoshopped fake.

To apologize, Reese's sent him a giant care package filled with all types of Reese's cups.

For Reese’s fans who prefer not to mess with perfection, the limited-time cups won’t be replacing regular old Reese’s so there's no need to stockpile them.