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New McDonald's ad is an optical illusion that will make your brain hurt

The image is meant to get stomachs rumbling, but some people are not lovin' it.
/ Source: TODAY

McDonald's is trying to send you a message with this optical illusion, but your brain might melt before you receive it.

The Magic Eye-style illusion posted on the McDonald's UK Facebook page is meant to get stomachs rumbling, but instead, it's leaving people with headaches.

"Tag a mate who should read between the lines..." the post reads.

McDonald's is unapologetic to those who are not lovin' it, replying #SorryNotSorry to a commenter who said it "messed up my eyes."

It's the type of visual puzzle that could turn you into Mr. Pitt, Elaine's eccentric millionaire boss from "Seinfeld," staring for hours until you finally see the image -- or lose your sanity.

We apologize, this video has expired.

Give up on trying to see the message? Try holding your phone or screen far away from your eyes.

Still can't see it?

OK, we'll spoil it for you -- it says "Bring McNuggets."

But why you would want to bring McNuggets to McDonald's, which sells McNuggets? Sounds like a headache for another day.

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