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Holy hazelnut! Krispy Kreme now has Nutella doughnuts

Krispy Kreme's new Nutella doughnut is dipped in the creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread, drizzled in chocolate icing and topped with hazelnuts
/ Source: TODAY

Krispy Kreme has a lot of flavors covered — from New York Cheesecake to Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. There's even Krispy Kreme-flavored soda (for better or worse).

But there's been an obvious hole (pun definitely intended) in their flavors — Nutella — until now.

Krispy Kreme Nutella Donuts
We're nuts for this nutty 'nut.Krispy Kreme

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The company just announced a new doughnut "inspired by Nutella hazelnut spread," which is for some reason called the "Nutty Cocoa Ring." (Why on Earth wasn't it called a "DoNutella"?) It's dipped in everyone's favorite Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread, drizzled in chocolate icing and, last but not least, topped off with crunchy hazelnut pieces.

Of course, Australia had it first — but maybe this means they'll also bring the Reese's doughnut over here, too. There's actually a petition you can sign to do just that.

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Krispy Kreme knows that a Nutella doughnut is not a tough sell. In fact, it practically sells itself. Which is why, in their promo video, a man walks out onto a stage, says, "We have a new doughnut. It has Nutella on it," and walks off. The video ends with the hashtag #EasiestSellEver.

We want so badly to resist, but, honestly, we're prepared to brave the cold to find a participating location. We will find you, DoNutella. We will find you.