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Sour Patch Kid cookies are real – here's what the taste like

Should cookies ever be sour?
Chips Ahoy!
/ Source: TODAY

The chocolate chip cookie is probably one of the most universally beloved treats. Whether that cookie is chewy or crispy, served warm or at room temperature, the best part is arguably the welcome taste of chocolate chips with every bite.

But this week the folks at Chips Ahoy apparently thought it was time for the classic cookie to get a not-so-sweet makeover. Instead of chocolate chips, the brand's latest cookie creation is studded with ... Sour Patch Kids.

The limited-edition Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids cookies are being described by the brand as having the "crunchy, sweet texture" of a classic cookie combined with "sweet and sour candy bits." In addition to little gummy pieces, the cookies also contain sweet and sour chips.

Um, yum?

The new collaboration is currently available at grocery stores nationwide. It's also available at Walmart and Target, where each package retails for about $2.70. There aren't actually any chocolate chips in this cookie, so at least those two flavors won't be competing with each other in every little nibble.

Putting tart, sour or even savory spins on desserts is nothing new, but is the universe ready for this mouth-puckering take on a sweet cookie?

So far, people on social media are mostly disgusted or confused.

The powerful flavor of Sour Patch Kids might not seem like an ideal taste to mingle with other sweets, but the candy has been finding its way into a variety of unlikely food products in recent years. Who could forget Sour Patch Kid cereal and even Sour Patch Kid ice cream?

Perhaps baking them into cookies was just the next logical step.