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Neighborhood can't figure out why someone's leaving mashed potatoes in front yards

But why isn't anyone leaving gravy?
/ Source: TODAY

It’s a spud-tacular mystery.

Someone has been leaving mashed potatoes outside of homes in the Belhaven section of Jackson, Mississippi.

Yes, mashed potatoes.

"As I walked out my door, my neighbor, who was riding with me, she goes, ‘Michaela, ‘What’s on your mailbox?’ And I was like, ‘That looks like a bowl of mashed potatoes.’” Michaela Lin told WLBT, NBC’s affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi, about her recent experience. “I had no idea what to think about when I saw it.”

Mashed potatoes
Residents are hungry to learn who's leaving mashed potatoes around the neighborhood.Getty Images

If Lin thought it was an isolated incident, she soon discovered after speaking to a neighbor that she was one of many getting the strange food delivery.

“Thankfully she told me that her friend on Facebook, she goes, ‘That’s really weird. She found a bowl in her car this morning,’ so because she said that I was like, ‘Oh. OK, so this is a thing today.'"

Jordan Lewis is another one of those people who was gifted with the tater surprise.

“I walked outside yesterday morning about 7 a.m. and as I was getting in my car I noticed a white bowl on my windshield and so I got out to look at it and it looked like potato salad, but it was full of rain water, so it was very mushy. I walked around the house, threw it away, was very grossed out by it,” she told WLBT.

There are already theories about who may be responsible for the culinary conundrum. Lewis believes it’s just a practical joke by kids or college students, while Lin thinks there may be a little more to it.

She says most of the people who’ve been targeted either attend, have graduated from or work for nearby Belhaven University.

“I feel like there’s some sort of connection there,” she said.