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/ Source: TODAY
By Lexi Dwyer

Valentine's Day cooks, take note: When you melt chocolate, separate eggs and blend them all together with some tasty additions, something magical happens. The result? Chocolate mousse, one of the silkiest, sexiest desserts in existence. This dish has its roots in French cooking and although it's certainly iconic, these fresh, fun variations prove that it's still a must-eat today.

Cookies and Cups

1. Easy chocolate mousse: With just four ingredients and five simple steps, this recipe from Cookies and Cups lives up to its name. Blogger Shelly Jaronsky posted several large, step-by-step photos showing the ideal consistency for things like melted chocolate in the saucepan and chilled mousse — they're helpful whether you're a novice or just need a refresher. For a pretty presentation, she pipes the mousse into small glass cups and garnishes with chocolate sprinkles.

Baked Bree

2. White chocolate mousse: Because dark and milk chocolate shouldn't have all the fun, blogger Bree Hester created this elegant recipe that's topped with fresh raspberries. Since the eggs are left raw, Hester suggests using pasteurized eggs (such as Safest Choice). She adds cream cheese, which isn't traditional, but as she writes, "helps to stabilize the mousse and adds a nice little tang to cut some of the sweetness of the white chocolate."

Cooking Classy

3. Nutella cheesecake mousse: "What dreams are made of" is how blogger Jaclyn Bell describes this egg-free, no-bake concoction that's made by layering a crushed Oreo crust, the namesake mousse and a topping of whipped cream.

Hip Foodie Mom

4. Peanut butter mousse parfait: Though it's a bit more time-consuming to prepare the two mousses that make up this layered dessert from Hip Foodie Mom, the results are well worth the effort. Mini marshmallows are added to the chocolate mousse to give it a delightfully gooey texture.

Let's Dish Recipes

5. Chocolate mousse brownies: "The biggest challenge is not eating all the mousse before you put it on the brownies," writes blogger Danelle McCollum of her frosted treats. She tells TODAY that to get the mousse topping to look so neat, she spreads it over the brownies while they are still in the pan, making sure they've cooled completely. She then chills the entire thing in the refrigerator to set the mousse and give the brownies a dense, cakey texture that complements the fluffy topping. "After that, they cut really nicely, especially since they are firm from being refrigerated. It helps to wipe your knife off in between cuts too," she says.

This article was originally published Feb. 5, 2015 at 12:42 p.m.