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NBC's new streaming service Peacock hid a cake recipe in the terms and conditions

The deliciously fun recipe is hidden alongside serious user agreement terms and conditions of NBCUniversal's new streaming service.
This chocolate cake recipe might be a little tricky to find.
This chocolate cake recipe might be a little tricky to find.alwaysalejandra/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

There's a special surprise baked into the terms and conditions of Peacock, the new streaming serving from NBCUniversal.

It's not a complicated clause or any sneaky small print: It's a cake recipe.

Buried in one of the subsections that explains third-party services and authentication, there are instructions for how to make a chocolate cake that a beloved member of your family would adore.

"At Peacock, we don't make promises we can't keep," reads the section. "So, please see below for very delicious, Peacock-approved, just-like-Grandma-used-to-make chocolate cake recipe."

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Of course, anyone who's been on the internet this week already knows that the Peacock terms and conditions aren't the only place where you can find a surprising cake — videos of hyper-realistic cakes that look like everyday objects (and even human hands!) have been going viral.

The recipe seems simple enough. Home bakers just need some basic ingredients: butter, sugar, an egg, squares of unsweetened baking chocolate, water, vanilla extract, baking powder, flour, salt and baking soda.

A recipe, hidden in the Peacock terms and conditions, gives step-by-step instructions for a chocolate cake that even your grandmother would approve of.

After the wet and dry ingredients are combined, the recipe notes that the batter may seem "thin" at this point, but cautions against adding extra flour. Pour the batter into your greased and floured pan, then just bake it for 30 to 40 minutes at 325 degrees.

"Enjoy!" notes the recipe. "While we wish you could share a slice with us, feel free to share this recipe (tagging @peacocktv, of course). And now, back to your regularly-scheduled legal document."

It seems that many home bakers have yet to discover the secret recipe (perhaps they're too busy whipping up a Depression Cake), but food and lifestyle expert Alejandra Ramos, a frequent TODAY show guest, shared her take in a perfectly styled set of Instagram photos.

Her review?

"I baked the @peacocktv Terms of Service cake because I a) have a lot of free time and b) love the challenge of following a janky, retro recipe with odd measurements (1/3 cup butter??) and missing information," she wrote. "Had to make a few judgment calls, most importantly the pan since no size or shape was specified. I opted for a loaf pan based on the amount of batter, lack of frosting, and lower baking temp (loaf cakes are often baked a little lower to compensate for the deeper pan). It came out great!

"A lovely simple chocolatey snacking cake!"

Andrew James Myers, a reporter for TV Guide, shared his own take on the cake — and the process of making it — in an article.

"Unexpectedly, the cake recipe in Peacock's terms of service is legitimately delicious," he wrote. "Beware, however, that the instructions may be occasionally difficult to follow ... With care and a little luck, you'll truly end up with the platonic ideal of chocolate cake: chocolatey, moist, and decadent, with a perfect balance of density and sponginess."

Now you can have you cake and eat it, too ... while streaming.

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