Where to get $1 pizza and more discounts on National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Pepperoni is America's favorite pizza topping.
Pizza Hut in Louisiana
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National Pizza Pie Day is Feb. 9, but there's no need to wait until the middle of winter to get deals on the most beloved pizza around — no, we're not talking about boring old cheese pizza here.

While a classic cheese pizza does have it's place in the pizza hall of fame, there's something truly magical that happens when pepperoni is added: it's slightly spicy, loaded with umami flavor and supremely satisfying.

In honor of National Pepperoni Pizza Day on Sept. 20, here's where to get $1 pizzas and more deals on the beloved Italian food.


This special deal isn't just for National Pepperoni Pizza Day, but it's definitely worth mentioning since it's got a lot going on. Create a personal Cici's pizza with up to four toppings (pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni and ... pepperoni?), plus unlimited pizza, pasta, salad and dessert for just $5. This promotion is ongoing.


The pizza giant is offering a week-long promotion in honor of National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Order a large, two-topping pizza for pick up and pay just $6 for the whole pie. This runs through Sept. 23.

Papa John's

After changing its pizza box in a major way, the chain is offering plenty of deals for almost every size of pizza. There are loads of discounts right now, but two really stand out as the real deal. Get a large, three-topping pizza for just $9 (carryout only). Or go for an extra-large, one-topping pizza, plus doughnut holes stuffed with caramel cream, for $15. No end date is set.

Pizza Hut

Buy any large pizza online and get a medium pepperoni pizza for $1 by using the promo code PEPPERONI2018. Sept. 20.