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Nachos took the title in TODAY's Snack-It-Bracket, but hummus is crying foul

Hummus is a 'key player in game day snacking' insists Sabra CMO Jason Levine.
You can dip pretty much everything in hummus from meats and cheese to olives and crackers.
You can dip pretty much everything in hummus from meats and cheese to olives and crackers. TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
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The Kansas City Chiefs are set to go up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday and the TODAY Snack-It Bracket has been keeping fans occupied ahead of the big game by voting for their favorite Super Bowl snacks. After a week of high-stakes voting nachos beat out guacamole with 76% of the 8,000 votes.

But not everyone thought that the placements in the bracket were fair. In fact, Sabra, a company that produces readymade hummus, released a statement saying that their delicious and healthy dip was done dirty in the football snack face-off.

"Sabra contends that while guacamole was appropriately seeded, hummus was shafted when paired with veggies, initially up against chicken wings," read the statement. "While hummus and crudité are clearly a worthy combination, hummus also has a very strong record with other Game Day favorites including wings and nachos. Since Hummus is perfect even on a spoon, it should have been evaluated by the committee on its own."

And while many football fans may have overlooked hummus in the past, pushing it aside for more decadent snacks such as wings and loaded potato skins, the idea of dipping savory meats into the plant-based dip certainly could be a game-changer.

"We suspect the selection committee appreciates the greatness of guacamole, which we applaud, but does not fully value the versatility of hummus as a key player in game day snacking," said Jason Levine, Sabra CMO. "We feel that if hummus had been placed solo, or teamed with wings, it would have been more indicative of full season snack results."

And although Sabra were sore losers when it came to their signature dip, they were happy to celebrate guacamole's high placement in the bracket.

"Hey, wait," continued Levine, "Aren't we all on the same team? We're proud that both hummus and guacamole are in the tournament and we're going to focus on game day now."

Convinced that hummus should have a place of honor on your snack table this Super Bowl Sunday? Check out these tips on how to assemble a beautiful and delicious snack board which includes hummus as your dip, of course. Remember, the key to a great snack board is balance. Sabra posted a picture of this amazing charcuterie board on Instagram that you'll want to replicate at home.

You can dip pretty much everything in hummus from the meats and cheese to the olives and crackers.

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