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60 Mother's Day brunch ideas that mom will love

Nothing says "I love you" like a big brunch spread.
Praline French Toast
Morgan Baker
/ Source: TODAY

Let’s come right out and say it: If there’s one thing that most moms don’t want on Mother’s Day, it’s a surprise breakfast in bed. While lovely in theory, the experience leaves a lot to be desired. The kitchen always ends up a mess, the tray is never quite stable enough to prevent tragic juice and coffee spills. Not to mention, there’s a high likelihood of ending up with a whole lot of crumbs in your bed.

That doesn’t mean that moms don’t want to start their special day with a delicious breakfast, which is where celebratory brunch-friendly recipes come into play. There’s a time and a place for a celebratory Mother’s Day breakfast and that’s after mom has pressed snooze a few times and joined everyone to sit around the kitchen table.

For this special occasion, delight the mother figure in your life with fun family-style takes on breakfast classics like sweet pancakes, French toast or waffles. For a savory bite, whip up a festive frittata or a shockingly low-effort quiche. Make bakery-worthy muffins and quick breads a day beforehand or assemble a batch of mile-high breakfast sandwiches. For side dishes, serve spiced home fries and crispy potato pancakes alongside a light and bright fruit salad.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a brunch spread that mom will love. (The day is about her after all!) And by the looks of this list, there’s no shortage of delicious ideas to choose from.

Pro tip: Add cocoa powder and chocolate chips to your waffle batter for a double chocolate waffle like you’ve never tasted before. For even more decadence, top with an easy cheesecake mousse made with softened cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, sour cream and vanilla extract. Oh, and homemade 3-ingredient strawberry sauce. After all, mom deserves it.

Chocolate croissants get the bread pudding treatment in this indulgent casserole that’s perfect for Mother’s Day brunch. To assemble, slice croissants in half horizontally, leaving the one half intact. Cube the rest and arrange in the bottom of a baking dish with chocolate chunks and pecans, then top with the remaining croissant halves. Drizzle a rich mixture of cream, vanilla, eggs and sugar over the croissants to soak before baking.

Making a Dutch baby pancake is like performing a magic trick in real time. Pour the make-ahead batter into a cast-iron skillet, pop it in the oven and watch as it gets puffy and golden. Top the piping hot Dutch baby with berry compote, ribbons of fresh mint, shaved chocolate and whipped cream — and don’t hesitate to dive right in.

Turn a package of store-bought shredded hash brown potatoes into a crispy quiche crust! A slice of this is the perfect savory brunch for Mother’s Day, especially when it’s paired with a side salad. Make one in advance and pop in the freezer to bake off whenever you choose.

Forget maple syrup for a second. The almond butter-date caramel sauce on this cinnamon French toast will introduce you to a whole new world of breakfast toppings. To make it, blend dates, almond butter, coconut sugar and almond milk until it’s the right consistency for drizzling.

These pillowy lemon ricotta pancakes make dense pancakes a thing of the past. Make ’em mini for mom. While blini are traditionally topped with creme fraîche, smoked salmon and caviar, these lemony bites are topped with whipped cream cheese and berry jam.

Asparagus Tart

For a low-lift Mother’s Day brunch, prepare this make-ahead tart featuring seasonal asparagus. On a sheet of thawed puff pastry, spread a blend of garlic-and-herb cheese, heavy cream and Parmesan cheese. Artfully layer with asparagus spears over the creamy base and a drizzle with olive oil. Brush the pastry with egg wash then pop the whole thing in the fridge until you’re ready to bake it.

Transform a Low Country boil into a breakfast favorite with this scramble and hash. This savory brunch dish features charred corn, Andouille sausage, Old Bay-seasoned shrimp, scrambled eggs and potatoes.

Cheesy Mushroom Frittata

Despite how easy they are to make, frittatas feel fit for a special occasion like Mother’s Day. This variation calls for cremini (baby bella) mushrooms, fresh thyme, crumbled goat cheese and grated Parmesan, which deliver an earthy, savory flavor combo. Enjoy with buttered toast or a side salad to round out your brunch.

Have a hankering for cinnamon rolls? This vegan-friendly recipe from Jenne Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul checks all the boxes.The frosting is where the sweet potato comes in. Combine sweet potato purée, powdered sugar, vegan butter and vanilla extract for the perfect sweet spread.

No-Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls can be a labor of love to prepare. If you have a craving that needs more immediate attention, this non-yeasted recipe is great for beginners. It calls for buttermilk, but if you don’t have any, combine one cup of whole milk with a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice for the easiest-ever swap.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Like most great French toast casseroles, this one begins with a loaf of day-old brioche. The stale bread is the perfect canvas for absorbing the custard without becoming soggy. Note that assembling this casserole a few days in advance will only make it taste better.

Serving this homemade granola with your Mother’s Day brunch will bring an elevated touch to your breakfast spread. Bake rolled oats, nuts, seeds and cinnamon in a mixture of maple syrup and olive oil until toasted. The finished product also makes a great edible gift!

For a satisfying one-pan breakfast for the whole family, try this sheet-pan shakshuka. Sweet potato cubes add a heartiness to this spiced tomato stew, making it even more nourishing. While the traditional stovetop method only allows for three to four eggs, this sheet-pan version results will let you easily feed everyone at your table in one go.

Fresh Blueberry Muffins

If you find yourself with a surplus of blueberries, bake a batch of muffins. Fold in as many juicy berries as your heart desires (okay, okay, one cup max) to the batter, which gets its moist texture from a surprising duo of evaporated milk and oil. Bake them off until a toothpick comes out clean.

Pull-apart Hawaiian rolls are the ultimate big-batch breakfast hack. Slice the sheet in half, brush with butter, then layer on your sandwich toppings: mayonnaise, scrambled eggs and bacon. It’s a savory brunch dish worth serving to the deserving mother figure in your life.

Skillet Blueberry Pancake

Flipping individual pancakes isn’t ideal for when a table full of hungry people are staring you down, but this skillet pancake recipe will make that issue a thing of the past. Bake up one giant skillet pancake, and cut it into wedges, pizza-style. Add your favorite pancake toppings, be it chocolate chips, banana slices, sprinkles — the works.

Hash Brown Waffles

Who said waffles had to be made with batter? These hash brown waffles are styled with grated potatoes, eggs, butter and seasoning. Like regular waffles, you can get experimental with savory mix-ins such as minced onion, diced bell pepper, shredded cheese, fresh herbs or bacon bites.

Want to really wow your mom this year? These delicate crepes filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread and toasted hazelnuts will help you do just that. Serve these crepes warm with a side of bourbon whipped cream for an elegant touch.

Yeasted Waffles with Strawberry Cream

Move aside, waffle mix. Mother’s Day is an occasion where it’s almost always better to go the extra mile. Melissa Clark’s yeasted waffle recipe will teach you how to make waffles from scratch. Don’t skip the strawberry topping, which is made with mascarpone, strawberry jam, lemon juice, powdered sugar and sliced strawberries.

Do you like your eggs with a side of hash browns? If so, try this vegetable-laden quiche featuring a hash brown crust. Top the par-baked crust with an eggy custard mixture, scatter with vegetables and top with cheese, then bake until the crust is golden brown and the eggs are set.

Once again, apologies to maple syrup. This candy-like praline sauce made with melted butter, brown sugar, spices, bourbon, heavy cream and chopped walnuts will ruin you for all other sweet breakfast drizzles. Use sturdy slices of Texas toast, which stand up to the custard and caramelized praline sauce.

Here’s a one-dish version of a beloved breakfast spread: bagels and lox. Tear apart five everything bagels, then cover with a mustardy custard. Fleck with bits of lox, cheddar cheese and dollops of cream cheese and let the bread absorb the surrounding flavors for a few hours before baking.

Sunny Anderson's Easy Basic Pancakes

A classic pancake recipe is something that everyone should have in their back pocket. Get back to basics with Sunny Anderson’s easy method. Once you get the flip just right, mix up the flavors with chocolate chips, peanut butter, bacon, crumbled cookies or fresh fruit.

Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

Make a regular stack of waffles feel special by giving them the strawberry shortcake treatment. Toss fresh sliced strawberries with salt and sugar and let them sit off to the side to release their juices. While the waffles cook, make a batch of fresh whipped cream and assemble it all together.

There are few breakfast treats quite as nostalgic as jumbo chocolate chip muffins. But you don’t need to make a trip to the bakery to enjoy one. Make a dozen at home with this easy, foolproof method. Enjoy warm while the chocolate chips are still melty.

A Dutch baby is basically a family-sized pancake with a touch more flair. While the Dutch baby puffs in the oven, make a warm apple topping with butter, brown sugar and spices.

Breakfast people fall into two camps: sweet and savory. For the latter group, prepare this hearty cheesy chicken and chile breakfast casserole. Keep things easy with leftover or rotisserie shredded chicken, which will load this casserole with plenty of protein to get you through the day.

Dark Chocolate Granola

Check your pantry: you probably have most of the ingredients you need to make a wow-worthy granola. As long as you have rolled oats, some sort of seed or nut and dried fruit, you can play around with the mix-ins. What makes this recipe special, though, is the addition of dark chocolate chips.

This isn’t your typical biscuit recipe. Mix a cup of mashed sweet potato into the dough to give the biscuits a sweet, earthy flavor. Top with salted maple butter for a sweet complement to the warm autumnal bite.

You don’t need any special equipment to make these viral puffed soufflé pancakes. Follow cookbook author Ali Rosen’s instructions to a T and you’ll nail it. The key is separating the egg whites and yolks and whisking separately to form stiff peaks with the whites and a frothy, creamy mixture with the yolks.

Corned Beef Hash with Cherry Peppers

Diner-style corned beef hash has nothing on this homemade version. Celebrity chef Anne Burrell shares her recipe for a savory brunch bite that comes together in no time at all.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Swirl brown sugar and cinnamon into your pancake batter for a low-effort spin on cinnamon rolls. To create the full effect, drizzle your pancake stack with an easy sweet glaze.

Zucchini-carrot waffles? Spicy maple syrup! Trust us on this one. The grated vegetables and freshly minced herbs yield moist, flavorful waffles. Try the Sriracha maple syrup for a spicy kick.

Spinach Ricotta Frittata

Sauté an entire clamshell of baby spinach for this very green frittata. For a creamy, cheesy bite, top with ricotta and grated Parmesan.

Lemon Curd- & Coconut-Stuffed French Toast

If we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that we can get fancy with French toast. For this Mother’s Day-worth recipe, make lemon curd sandwiches, then dip them in a lemony coconut curd and cook in a buttery pan until golden. Sprinkle it with powdered sugar and coconut shavings for a fresh take on French toast.

Chances are, everyone in your family prefers different pancake toppings. This sheet pan pancake is the solution! Coat a baking sheet with non-stick spray, then pour the pancake batter directly into the pan. Strategically place toppings such as banana slices, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate chips, then bake and slice with ease.

You’ll never look at a breakfast sandwich the same again. To make this sweet and savory mashup, spread Nutella over sliced toasted croissants. Top with slices of crispy bacon and caramelized bananas for a sweet-meets-savory bite.

The concept of a snacking cake is something everyone can get on board with. This one calls for two unexpected ingredients: full-fat Greek yogurt, which lends a tangy flavor and moist texture, and crunchy granola.

If you have a waffle iron, you can press just about anything into one delicious bite — including mashed potatoes. These loaded potato waffles are studded with bacon, onion, garlic, cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt and eggs for the ultimate savory brunch.

While visually stunning, the preparation of this tart is surprisingly simple. Fill a premade pie crust with red peppers, a bevy of cheeses, asparagus and herby eggs, then bake until puffed and golden brown.

Instead of regular bread, use torn croissants as the base for these bread pudding muffins. They’re buttery, flaky and will add a visually stunning touch to your Mother’s Day breakfast spread.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese is a classic combo. Whip up an easy herby cream cheese ahead of time with minced chives and capers. Instead of large-format bagels, pair with slices of crusty bread for a handheld brunch starter.

This herby, veggie-loaded cheese frittata is an excellent way to showcase whatever spring produce is in your fridge. Play around with the mix-ins but parsley, dill, chives, thyme, bell pepper, mushrooms and cheese are a great place to start.

The key to this breakfast sandwich is starting out by cooking a batch of crispy bacon. Toast the brioche buns and sauté the bell pepper in the bacon fat to infuse this sandwich with maximum flavor.

Sheet-Pan French Toast with Walnuts and Berry Sauce

Instead of hovering over the stovetop while you wait for your French toast to cook through, pop it on a sheet pan and bake until the custard coating is set and the bread is golden. We recommend using eggy challah bread to soak up all the flavor.

A rosti is a Swiss potato cake, reminiscent of a traditional potato pancake, which is great for a crowd. Top this version with oven-poached eggs and serve with a side salad for an early morning Mother’s Day feast.

Few flavor combinations scream spring quite like blueberry and lemon. This pairing shines on top of a freshly baked Dutch baby. Top with extra fresh lemon zest and powdered sugar for a picture perfect finish.

Bacon and Gruyère Quiche

If you want to impress guests, this bacon and Gruyere quiche will do just the trick. For a light and creamy custard, first whisk eggs and flour together, then stir in the cream. Pour the mixture over bacon and cheese and bake until the custard is set, then top with fresh herbs just before serving.

Don’t spend your Mother’s Day morning flipping french toast! This baked version will take all of the busy work out of your breakfast so you can focus on the fun part: eating it with mom.

Instead of cooking your frittata on the stovetop, this oven method yields the creamiest, silkiest frittata. Mix in smoked salmon, ricotta and chives for a slice that’s special enough for Mom.

Sunny Citrus Sheet-Pan Pancakes

Nothing says good morning quite like a burst of fresh citrus. Peel and segment assorted citrus fruit, then mix with maple syrup to form a tangy, sweet topping. Serve over crowd-friendly sheet-pan pancakes for Mother’s Day.

Baked Eggs in Avocado

Move over avocado toast! Halved avocados make the perfect vessel for seasoned baked eggs. They only take five minutes to cook, which means you can dig in with mom in no time at all.

Triple-Strawberry Waffles

Make these triple-strawberry waffles and you’ll be seeing red. The waffles get their hue from red coloring, but the vibrant strawberry compote and strawberry icing are infused with the real deal.

Melba Wilson's Fried Chicken and Waffles

If your Mother’s Day brunch isn’t until later in the day, take the time to make this showstopper of a pairing. The waffles get plenty of flavor, thanks to the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s a savory, soulful version of the classic Harlem dish.

Savannah's 'Dream' Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Ever wondered what a TODAY anchor’s “dream” breakfast sandwich consists of? For Savannah Guthrie, it’s an everything croissant filled with scrambled eggs, mashed avocado, sausage, cheddar and roasted tomatoes.

Donut Loaf

If you’ve ever wished to eat a powdered sugar donut in cake form, now’s your chance. Make the easy batter with buttermilk and nutmeg, which gives it that unmistakable donut flavor. Bake it in a loaf pan and shower with a generous amount of powdered sugar to finish.

Easy Banana Bread

Might we be so bold as to declare this the easiest banana bread ever? For the best flavor and a super moist texture, use three very ripe bananas. Whisk it all together and throw in some chopped walnuts before baking.

Katherine Schwarzenegger's Kitchen Sink Quiche

There’s a reason this is called “kitchen sink quiche” — that’s because you can use whatever you have on hand! Make a simple crust with thinly sliced potato rounds, then pour in a mixture of whisked eggs, cream, goat cheese, chopped spinach, sautéed peppers and onions.

Leave it to Ina Garten to deliver the aspirational-yet-simple breakfast sandwich of our dreams. Slice a toasted croissant down the center and spread with a chive-infused mascarpone cheese. Sprinkle with capers, then layer on smoked salmon, red onion, and arugula.