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Mother's Day brunch for a crowd: Avocado toast bar and lox & bagel egg casserole

Siri Daly and her mom make bagel and lox breakfast casserole, strawberry-rhubarb crisp and a DIY avocado toast bar for Mother's Day.
/ Source: TODAY

Siri Daly and her mom, Gretchen "GiGi" DeBoer, team up in the TODAY kitchen to make a memorable Mother's Day meal.

They show us how to put together recipes ideal for a big family gathering: a DIY avocado toast bar, bagels and lox turned into an eggy casserole and a sweet strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert.

DIY Avocado Toast Bar

My mom is always posting her food creations on Instagram. Often times they are photos of open-faced sandwiches, like radishes on white bread with butter and salt, or variations of avocado toast. And while avocado toast is 100 percent delicious on it's own, how much fun would it be to have a brunch gathering with friends and let them design their own? Think of the toast as a blank canvas for your appetite!

Bagel and Lox Breakfast Casserole

The Midwest is home of the casserole, and growing up we barely went a week without some sort of baked "hot dish" for dinner (tuna casserole being my favorite). It wasn't until I was in college that we started to introduce breakfast casseroles at family gatherings, like Christmas morning. It's the easiest thing to prep the day before and pop in the oven the morning of, and would make the perfect Mother's Day brunch. This particular one combines the flavors of bagels & lox with baked eggs. What could be better?!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

As long as I can remember, my mom has been baking rhubarb crisps. As a kid, I was afraid to even try a bite. Rhubarb sounded funny, like an old lady's name, and it looked like a vegetable! No thank you. Of course, in my wise old age, I now realize how delicious it is and appreciate anything my mom is willing to cook or bake for me.

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