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These are the most-searched recipes on Google right now

The most popular recipe searches on Google include hot new trends and classic comfort foods.
Are you craving a cool coffee or just bonkers for banana bread? We've got the recipes right here!
Are you craving a cool coffee or just bonkers for banana bread? We've got the recipes right here! TODAY/Getty Images
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With so many people sheltered-in-place at home, there's been a big uptick in people searching online for delicious things to make.

That's according to Google, which recently shared its most-searched recipes from March 9 through April 7 with TODAY Food. The list includes everything from a pretty new coffee drink to comfort food dinners made with chicken or ground beef. The top 10 list even included searches for homemade hand sanitizer ... so we added the 11th most-searched food item: chocolate chip cookies. (By the way, while you can make your own sanitizer at home, experts advise using other methods, like thorough hand washing, to keep your hands clean.)

Here are TODAY Food's favorite takes on Google's top trending recipes. Happy cooking!

1. Banana bread recipe

TODAY's Ultimate Banana Bread

What's not to love about banana bread? It's a moist, sweet bread that hits the spot for breakfast, snack time or dessert. Whether you like it plain and simple with just bananas and a pinch of cinnamon, or loaded with dark chocolate chips and nuts, this versatile bread is always a hit.

2. Pizza dough recipe

Making pizza from scratch is the perfect afternoon project to tackle on your own, or with the kids. Also, many recipes are easier than most would think. Classic dough typically takes only 15 minutes or so to prep and only requires around five ingredients. Once it's done, decorating individual pies with the whole family is a great pre-dinner activity.

3. French toast recipe

Sheet-Pan French Toast with Walnuts and Berry Sauce

This versatile breakfast dish can be made with all different types of bread and it can be topped with anything from fruit and whipped cream to maple syrup or nut butter. Whichever recipe one chooses, the result is always a deliciously warm, tender toast.

4. Chocolate cake recipe

Chocolate cake needs no introduction. This luscious dessert is a timeless treat that makes life a little more pleasurable. Keep chocolate cake simple, or try your hand at a vegan variation. We're partial to molten cakes filled with gooey, warm chocolate.

5. Dalgona coffee recipe

The trendy new whipped coffee drink is called dalgona coffee.
The trendy new whipped coffee drink is called dalgona coffee.Emi Boscamp/TODAY

This beautiful whipped coffee trend tastes as heavenly as it looks. And according to TODAY Food editor Emi Boscamp, who mixed up a cup, this viral recipe is surprisingly easy to make (that is, if you don't mind spending a few minutes vigorously mixing). Called "dalgona" after the Korean honeycomb toffee of the same name, the drink only requires instant coffee, sugar, hot water and your milk of choice. While dalgona is pretty much its own thing, here are more of TODAY's favorite coffee recipes:

6. Chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast may not be the juiciest cut of the bird, but it's a versatile protein that is wonderful to work with on the grill, in the oven or on the stove. With extra time on your hands, chicken breasts can be cooked in bulk and reworked into a savory chicken salad or leftover chicken tacos the next day.

7. Carrot cake recipe

Classic Carrot Cake

Shredded carrot, warm spices and plump raisins: This fun-to-make dessert is like a heavenly little morsel of springtime. People may want to whip up the lovely confection for Easter, a virtual tea party or to simply enjoy after dinner all week.

8. Ground beef recipes

Orecchiette Bolognese

From family-style pasta dishes to ground beef tacos and hearty chilis, ground beef is one of those fridge or freezer staples every meat eater should have on hand. It's great on its own, molded into burger patties for grilling or even cooked up in big portions in the slow cooker.

9. Fried rice recipes

Weeknight Fried Rice

The best thing about fried rice is that it can be made easily with whatever you have on hand. Whether you need to empty out your soon-to-expire veggies from the produce drawer for a vegetarian spin, or load it with meat or seafood, fried rice is quick, easy and always satisfying.

10. Chocolate chip cookie recipes

Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get The Recipe

Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kristen Tomlan, founder of DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Knowing how to make a basic chocolate chip cookie is an important baking skill to have in your arsenal of tricks. Once you master an original recipe, feel free to experiment with a variety mix-ins and different types of chips to achieve your ideal texture and chocolate-to-cookie ratio.